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ragboy 06-18-2011 12:14 AM

Cruz'in with the Wolters
Just wanted to say thanks to Frank Wolter and Chris and Laura. What a blast we had surfing with them at Cowell's beach in Santa Cruz. It was a great, safe beginner's spot, just like Frank said. Frank and his family took my kids out while I shot video and pics from the shore. I have some AWESOME pics, and will share soon, probably tomorrow sometime. Some fun video too. Frank and Chris and Laura were selfless out there, helping my kids. Maddie and Thomas and Whitney all surfed very well for only their second time out. They went out in Port Hueneme last year for a lesson, but the waves here were so easy to learn on.

RJ was catching waves from way out there with Frank and Chris and had some great rides, he looked great, and this time wasn't on a soft top, but a bit faster eps board. Lots of fun.

Thanks again Frank, Chris and Laura. Hope your groin feels better. D'oh! ;-)

dennish 06-18-2011 6:27 AM

2 Attachment(s)
screen shot of everyone surfing.

gunz 06-18-2011 6:39 AM

Nice,headed there now ; )

ragboy 06-18-2011 10:35 AM

Well, I took like 700 pics. Because I couldn't really video, it was too far out. So I used the zoom lens on the canon and did sequence shots so I wouldn't miss anything. I got it down to 322 pics. I guess I am too much of a dad, and can't narrow it down anymore. I love these pics. Tons of fun. Jesse was such a trooper, it was cold, she stayed out for about an hour, which was the point that her little body went almost numb. I can't even decide which are my few favorite to post here, I would have to post 50.


ragboy 06-18-2011 10:36 AM

By the way, we missed you Dennis, but we went to Santa Cruz cafe afterwards, and had the CFS. ;-)

wofrankwo 06-18-2011 2:06 PM

robert we had a blast!!! from the boys skimboarding thursday night and the candy store to the awesome fun surfing on friday morning ...... the garcia kids wore me down to the bone!!! it was just super fun and for RJ and Whitney to go out to the front of the lineup with me and chris was incredible and showed great courage and determination by both of them. maddy is a slave driver LOL!!

i recovered 100% robert and we actually surfed early this morning with mr greg the Hammer behind his tige with a huge wake!!

ragboy 06-18-2011 2:07 PM

Very cool, Greg is good people, missed him at the event.

wofrankwo 06-18-2011 2:22 PM

i forgot to add that lil jessie never once showed any fear of the ocean or the waves ...... even when she fell or after she pearled once she still came up smiling!!

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