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tchs22 06-17-2011 8:03 AM

Lake Oconee GA
Hey guys. Im an intermediate rider still learning new things. Have all my own gear, have fat sacs and pump, know how to drive, back trailer etc. Can give $$ for gas. Just looking for more people that love to ride as much as i do.

fizzz 06-27-2011 4:00 PM

We usually ride on Jackson but it's only about 30 mins from oconee depending on where you live, your welcome to come out with us there's always room

surfdoggy 06-28-2011 5:34 AM

We ride on Oconee most Friday afternoons and Monday mornings, in addition to early and late on weekend days. Shoot me a pm, and I can give you details/locations etc. Love to have you join us.

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