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wakereviews 06-17-2011 6:41 AM

MB 23 TWB Surf Wake
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Did a little surfing last night on the MB 23 Team Widebody and figured I'd throw some pics out there. This is stock ballast only with about 200 or so in pop backs in the locker only. Rider in pic is my friend Adam who was trying it for the first time.

CarFanatic5 06-17-2011 6:57 AM

looks pretty good! hows the goofy side?

tmill 06-17-2011 11:34 AM

I got to ride behind an MB for the first time the other day. they throw a great wake right out the box with little extra balast. I have heard that they get pretty nutty when you really start to weight them down a lot.

duffymahoney 06-17-2011 1:46 PM

My buddy owns a F23 tomcat. The lockers are huge! I wonder what would happen if you did custom 1300-1500 pound sacs on top of the stock tanks. seems like a great idea to me!

timmyb 06-17-2011 2:08 PM

Is there a plate or anything to help shape it on the TWB? We tried to setup my buddy's F23 and couldn't get it clean. Wakeboarding wake is the shiznit though!

tmill 06-17-2011 2:59 PM

when we were playing with the weight on my buddies new boat we found that they really need to get their lean on to cleat it up.

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