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mdaijogo 06-16-2011 3:35 PM

I would like to thank Wake9 for taking the time this past week to come out and teach my cousin and myself how to wakesurf. I emailed Ragboy about possibly meeting up with him while my family and I were at the floating campsites in Lake Oroville. Ragboy and his family came out and gave us excellent instruction and had my cousin freeriding in no time at all. I was able to get some slack in the rope for the first time as well. Ragboy was also generous enough to give me a surf nubbin' that works amazingly. I can't wait to try it out on my boat.

Thanks again to Wake9 for the instruction, generosity, and overall great time!


CarFanatic5 06-16-2011 4:11 PM

good to hear! Those guys love the sport and they seem to love to help others!

wakemitch 06-16-2011 4:20 PM

They are really good people. I'll be at oroville on sunday and monday and RJ will be coming out to ride a bit. I'm looking forward to it.

gunz 06-16-2011 4:43 PM

Wake9 / Garcia clan= Good for the sport!

timmyb 06-16-2011 5:12 PM

Glad to hear they got you up and going! The Garcia family is definitely great for the sport. Nice job Wake 9!

vman 06-16-2011 5:39 PM

Welcome to the wake surf family. You will love the surf nubbin, we use it on our boat.

mdaijogo 06-16-2011 5:45 PM


Thanks. I am anxious to try it out on my boat. Only concern I have it whether or not my tower will "fail" because of using a different tow point. Ragboy's RZ2 tower is built like a tank and I didn't see anything that would cause any concern when using the surf nubbin'. I've posted on the MB sports forum and I am hoping to get an answer soon.


ragboy 06-18-2011 1:08 AM

Hey Mario, we were out for a couple of days, took the crew surfing in Santa Cruz with the Wolters, GREAT time.

I have some good video of you guys riding and will post in a couple of days. You guys look great. As soon as you get that rub rail down like we talked about, and then later a faster board, you guys will be rocking. That was the first time I have seen the CWB ride in person, it was definitely slower than it should be.

I wish I had a 4.9 TWP Sig when you came up, I thought I had a soulcraft board that would work, but I had sent it back. Anyway, its just going to get funner. I don't think the nubbin will hurt the tower, but doesn't hurt to check.

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