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cjh1669 06-16-2011 11:10 AM

Breaking FCS fins loose
I'm working on my 360 and really am struggeling breaking the fins loose. I flatten out and go for the spin, but the board feels locked in. Anyone got any tips?

Chaos 06-17-2011 5:04 AM

you will have to apply enough pressure with you front foot to lift the fins out of the water some. That is the first basic step in doing a 360. Secondly you need to feel comfortable with spinning all the way around... it is sometimes easier to try this backhand first.

cjh1669 06-17-2011 5:37 AM

Ok That makes sense. I figured, much like wakeboarding, gettting some sort of board slide would help get the feel for getting the board around. Is it easier to do coming up the wake with some speed from pumping?

tuneman 06-21-2011 2:36 PM

Applying pressure to your front foot will brobably just make you pearl. Spinning a 3 on a surf style board requires you to essentially pop a wheelie and spin on the tail. You don't flatten out like on a skim style board.

Yes, driving up to the back of the boat helps maintain speed as you come around. Some big keys to successfully riding out a 3:

-Squat down, don't stand tall.
-Turn around and scoop the wake with both hands, progress to scooping with only one hand.
- Your body will go where your head goes, so look back as you scoop the wake
- Apply a bit more weight on your back foot, but also use your front foot to drive the board around.

I hope this helps. Good luck.

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