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Kemikal 06-13-2011 2:51 PM

Sanger V215 Ballast
hey guys-

I'm looking to remove the port v drive hard tank and replace it with a sac. I want to go with the Jumbo surf sac (1100 lbs) but I kinda doubt I would be able to fill it to capacity. 2nd option is to go with the standard fly high sac (750lbs).

Im trying to find out about how full I could fill the jumbo? if I can only get 800lbs or so, I will just save the $40 bucks and order the standard sac. If I could get over 800lbs full with the jumbo, then It would be worth the money.

Thoughts from the community?

dennish 06-13-2011 3:28 PM

There was a thread awhile back where the guy put in the 1100 # sacs. Looked like it filled more than 800 for sure.

dennish 06-13-2011 3:30 PM


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