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WakeS4MontyFL 06-12-2011 9:44 PM

TS FS 360 & HS backroll HELP*
I assumed that the TS FS 360 would be the easier one to start out doing because it felt the most natural. But when I pop off the wake and initiate the spin, I feel as if my body is in a horizontal position. I dont know if this is reality or just a feeling. I get the full spin just fine but the handle pass and fear is also a problem. any tips?

I've only had a full day to start on HS backrolls but are you supposed to flip the trick after you've already popped a normal wake jump? or are you supposed to flip right off the top of the wake? Help is appreciated, thanks!!

coda281 06-18-2011 9:08 AM

approach it JUST like you are gonna do a W2W jump, and once u pop off the wake, WAIT half a second or so before you start the rotation, you are not supposed to begin rotation off the wake. When you do the rotation keep your knees bent and feet close, and the handle should always be as close to your hip as you can keep it so you won't have trouble missing the handle

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