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wakecumberland 06-09-2011 7:52 AM

Honda Odyssey
My wife has finally given in to the idea that she needs a minivan. Lucky for me the only one she likes is the 2011 Honda Odyssey :rolleyes:

Anyway, with all that has happened in Japan and being that we are in the beginning of family road trip season, would I get a better deal if I waited until after labor day or when the 2012 model starts hitting dealers? I would love to find a used 2011 and save a few grand.

IF she is going to get one of these things (ugly in my opinion), it has to be black:


acurtis_ttu 06-09-2011 8:21 AM

I get the praticality of the mini van...but I cringe every time I see a dad behind the wheel. The definition of emasculation should somehow incorporate the mini van

wakecumberland 06-09-2011 8:36 AM

Don't worry, its her daily driver and I plan to black out the windows :D

bcrider 06-09-2011 10:16 AM

Look at the new Sienna's. They have a bit of a body kit on them and I think they would actually look pretty good with some rims on them.


wakecumberland 06-09-2011 1:21 PM

Thanks Dave, however to my eye those are even uglier, specifically from that angle. Dont even get me started on the new Nissan Quest! :eek:

The question remains, am I better off waiting?

sidekicknicholas 06-09-2011 1:41 PM

Maybe wait til 2012 and see if a newer model catches your/her eye?... then worst case pick up a cheaper 2011

Prius Mini-van??!

shawndoggy 06-09-2011 1:50 PM

We had an 03 which we sold in 09 to get a new tow vehicle. Once you get over the stigma of driving one, chances are you'll like it. They are HUGE inside (easily bigger than a suburban as far as usable space goes). I would rock one again in a heartbeat if our tow/commuter vehicle situation would allow it. They are so nice on road trips, easy on gas (relatively), easy for kids to get in and out of (power doors, how I miss you). With a family of 4 it's awesome to fold that rear seat down and fill that sucker up for the family vacation. The cargo capacity is just unmatched.

The social stigma of the van is kinda funny, if you think about it. Like doods with lifted diesels are somehow smarter than you? Yeah, till they try to park that beotch downtown!

lizzyb 06-09-2011 2:02 PM

We have an Odyssey and I love it. I spent my entire life hating mini-vans (my parents drove one).. until I actually got talked into one. My seats fold into the floor, my doors open on remote.. it's fantstic for traveling with the kid and the dogs. We take 1,000 mile trips fairly often to visit family and it's been GREAT.

We bought ours 1 year old with 12,000 miles and we got a great deal. If I had to do it again, I'd probably go that route again vs. buying brand new and paying a much heftier price.

Of course there is a certain stigma of driving one.. but I don't give a crap what anyone says about it. I like it, it works for us and I'd recommend one to anyone.

jarrod 06-09-2011 3:40 PM

Minivans are awesome. We rented one in Florida for a wakeboarding trip. I was the driver and I loved it.; more so that the Expedition we rented the year prior. Billy loved it too, because we could roll up next to a pack of girls, slide that big door open and he could lay his game down without any obstructions.

We had a Toyota Sienna. It had a good amount of pep, it was fun to drive, and comfortable. They also do infinite burnouts in reverse with the rear wheels backed up against a parking block!

I told my friends I was going to buy one, tint the windows, and put wheels on it. They told me I couldn't polish a turd.

sidekicknicholas 06-09-2011 4:10 PM

found these bad boys on car domain
Honestly this one looks pretty good

shawndoggy 06-09-2011 4:32 PM

You can get the mazda 5 in a manual.... if only they'd build a mazdaspeed version of that!

jetskiprosx 06-09-2011 7:18 PM

Back in college we drove my grandparents 05' Honda Odyssey down to Palm Desert (from Oregon) for them. It was right about 1k miles so I feel like I have spent a decent amount of time in one. Like all Honda's it was loud on the road. They really need more sound dampening in them! It had good power (v6) and was comfortable. Suspension was soft and in the wind it was blown around a lot. Other then that it was fine for a van and had good visibility.

What I don't get though, is why a van? My good friend who swore he would never own a van just folded and bought a 2011 Toyota Sienna. He wanted a Suburban but his wife didn't want to drive anything that big. My wife and I have vowed to never own a van, though I see the practicality of them. My wife's daily driver is a 2010 Tundra so I don't have to worry about her not wanting to drive something big :D

wakecumberland 06-10-2011 6:43 AM

Ok guys, I apprecitate all the comments and sharing of van experiences. The real question, however, is not if we should get a van but rather WHEN should we get a van?

I'm starting to think like sidekicknicholas, wait for 2012 and make a decision.

lizzyb 06-10-2011 8:17 AM

Honestly, I'd go the route of finding one a year or so old with not many miles on it. Mine felt brand new and was probably a good 8k cheaper.

jarrod 06-10-2011 10:01 AM

You should buy a new one today!

shawndoggy 06-10-2011 10:09 AM

how are they selling right now? do dealers have inventory or are they getting snapped up as soon as they get unloaded? If there's inventory, there might be good incentives if you hold out till labor day-ish, which is when it seems like all the manufacturers try to help their dealers get rid of old stock with financing deals. Unless you are paying cash?

bruizza 06-10-2011 10:17 AM

So checking Honda's current offers I would wait unless you want to lease it. They are offering 1.9% financing on every single model EXCEPT the Odyssey right now. Have to figure that will change at some point this summer. The lease deal is pretty good. $0 due at lease signing, $0 first month payment and $360 a month thereafter. So if you want to buy it wait. If you want to lease it might be worth checking out.

lizzyb 06-10-2011 11:03 AM

Oh, and I bought mine in September... GREAT deals.

jason_ssr 06-10-2011 7:27 PM

Terrible! When i saw this thread title, I was thinking one of the cool people of Wakeworld resurrected an original...


Michael 06-13-2011 11:23 AM

haha i was thinking the same thing Jason. So much fun yet so dangerous.

Dude screw the minivan, get a saburban or tahoe.

wakecumberland 06-13-2011 1:20 PM

I already have a 2500 Suburban with the 8.1. This is the wifes car.

Michael 06-14-2011 12:20 PM

Yeah but it has to sit in the driveway.

psudy 06-14-2011 1:56 PM

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sorry. Had too!

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