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bfrancis 06-09-2011 5:02 AM

Keeping up with the wake
I am a noob and just tried wakesurfing for the first time last night. I was playing around trying to keep myself in the nice part of the wake and could get the rope to go slack a few times where i could toss it but it was very short lived. It seems as though i cant keep in the sweet spot and fall too far back in the wake. Does this mean I need more weight or just more practice on the board? Here are the specs of everything to give you an idea on the variables involved. I was playing around with leaning on the front of the board but it didn't seem to change quick enough to compensate for the speed loss.

Boat: 2003 wakesetter VLX
Weight: center bag full, floating wedge down, 750 on surf side in rear
Speed: 10.5 mph
Board: 5.0' Triple X Slasher Pro

nailem 06-09-2011 5:43 AM

i am by no means an expert, just starting out my self but it does seem like you need more weight. also what helped me learn to go rope less is if you are regular foot hold the rope in your left hand, with your right hand squat and reach out and try to touch the wake. this puts the weight on your toes more and points the board at the boat. when you are ready to drop the rope, just drop it, don't try to through it.
hopefully this is good advice, it is what helped me and i have gotten others rope less this way. good luck

bfrancis 06-09-2011 6:20 AM

Thanks for the advice. I was trying the touch the wake technique last night and that seemed to help a little bit. I definitely did notice that more weight on my toes was better for sure. That made the board faster.

johnboyy7 06-09-2011 6:44 AM

wakesurfing is the opposite of wake boarding. surf. weight on balls of your feel. leaning forward (towards wake and boat) weight on your front foot just way more than in boarding, not all.

when you get to were you dont need the rope and you are falling out of the wake, i tell my riders to reach down and touch the tip of the board, thus putting their weight forward. i also tell them. front foot is the gas, back foot is the break.

cowwboy 06-09-2011 8:14 AM

Your weight sounds about like what I run in mine.
I tend to run around 11mph and normally have 6-8 people in the boat and seems good so far.

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