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typhoon 08-17-2003 4:19 AM

here is a picture: <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/78811.jpg" alt=""> <BR>not this small but it is the only pic i could find.

phimple 08-17-2003 7:55 AM

Normally you can get them from a supplier that sells garden irrigation supplies.. They are dirt cheap and work really well. Not sure how big a diameter they go up to....

doorman_sd 08-17-2003 7:33 PM

looks like you can get them from marine parts store,(sunset marine,in San Diego example), Those types of clamps are used alot on outboard motors.

monstertower 08-17-2003 7:59 PM

The normal stainless hose clamps are not as pretty but they last forever. If this is a critical application (water or oil running through the hoses) my choice would be stainless instead, otherwise you could revisit this issue again. <BR> <BR>Bill

whazzup 08-17-2003 11:05 PM

<a href="http://www.usplastic.com/catalog/product.asp?catalog%5Fname=USPlastic&amp;category% 5Fname=Tubing%2BAccessories&amp;product%5Fid=Snap% 2BGrip%2BHose%2Band%2BTube%2BClamps" target="_blank">http://www.usplastic.com/catalog/product.asp?catalog%5Fname=USPlastic&amp;category% 5Fname=Tubing+Accessories&amp;product%5Fid=Snap+Gr ip+Hose+and+Tube+Clamps</a>

typhoon 08-18-2003 8:02 AM

like to use these on the tops of the sacs as stainless scares me about cutting the material or gouging...

typhoon 08-18-2003 8:10 AM

gid. <BR> <BR>cool website. <BR> <BR>thanks

srock 08-18-2003 9:52 AM

I bought some at my local home depot

whazzup 08-18-2003 8:59 PM

Glad I could help.

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