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alanp 06-05-2011 9:40 PM

lightweight/ultralight hiking
anyone into lightweight hiking or have any tips? im doing a 55 miler over 3 days and wanna keep my pack as light as possible. has anyone ever slept with a bag liner vice sleeping bag? for my tent i have a big agnes ul1. ive hammocked before and didnt care for it.

ilikebeaverandboats 06-05-2011 9:51 PM

I would say hammock is the best way for keeping it light, but i know you said you dont like it. Not so much into long hikes, I am pretty into climbing, but, where are you going? sounds like its gonna be sweet!

alanp 06-05-2011 10:51 PM

just a section of the appalachian trail. me and a couple buddies have a romantic notion that we can section hike the whole thing. probably wont happen but we're gonna try.

stephan 06-06-2011 11:29 AM

You just have to shave weight wherever possible. Chop your toothbrush in half, get rid of cooking gear, take iodine versus a water filter. Bring one pair of clothes (at least two socks). Lose the tent and carry an emergency bivy or two. It comes down to how comfortable you want to be, usually comfort = weight.

jarrod 06-06-2011 11:40 AM

"Lose the tent and carry an emergency bivy "

There you go.

Get rid of the 12 pack! :-)

alanp 06-06-2011 12:23 PM

i do want some comfort i think im more inline with lightweight hiking as opposed to ultralight. id like to keep my pack around 15-18 lbs. im using a tent due to mosquitos.
pack 3 lbs
tent 3 lbs
sleeping mat and pillow 1 lb.
clothing will be on my body except for an extra pair of socks
jet boil and fuel less than 2 lbs
toiletries, first aid, and camera 2 lbs
food and water steripen 7-10 lbs(just a guess have no real clue actually.)

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