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eric_w 06-05-2011 4:37 AM

centerport, Long Island need a third
I'm always looking for more people to come and ride. I'm out 3-4 days a week. afternoons/nights during the week. weekends, usually both days. hit me up on the cell at 631-748-7882 if you wanna get a pull. 21' mariah , tower, 1000lbs ballast, and tunes while u ride.


jeffcanary62 06-09-2011 5:07 PM

I'm from northport, i'll be home late June and will defiantly be looking to ride. Were do you normally go out of?

eric_w 06-13-2011 3:57 AM

I go out of centerport harbor. HBCA ( huntington beach), is the one in the president streets in centerport. on the boat and out of the harbor in 5 minutes. you are welcome to come out ! shoot me a call or a text. 631-748-7882,

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