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Kemikal 06-04-2011 5:24 PM

Triple X Composite Texalium/Carbon
Anybody have any feedback on this board? Im just getting into surfing and want something that I can learn on and not out grow too soon. Im pretty set on a skim style and from what I can tell, this looks like a pretty good board at a great price.

Wakesurfnc 06-05-2011 8:52 AM

If you need some board help i'd recommend talking to Mitch over at CMS. He knows the boards inside and out and also sales them at great prices!

tmill 06-05-2011 7:51 PM

i have a some what biased opinion on these board... but i really like them. I also like the new triple X skim boards with the bamboo top and bottom sheet. If you have any questions about the triple x board feel free to PM me

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