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MBfoo 06-02-2011 11:56 AM

TC3 clamp
Are there any pics of the Wet sounds Rev8 or Rev10 with the TC3 swivel, quick disconnect clamp? Iíve been looking on here but canít find them.

wetsounds1 06-02-2011 2:15 PM


The REV's are on our site now.


Also, some pics on our facebook page.


There are some pics posted here as well.

I will have more pics on the site and some videos showing the clamp. The TC3 swivel clamp is a Patent Pending design that is really cool. I will make a post with pics when i get a chance

Wet Sounds

MBfoo 06-02-2011 2:52 PM

Sweet Thanks

MBfoo 06-02-2011 3:11 PM

Can i just buy the TC3 clamps? or do i have to buy all new tower speakers?

jmanst15 08-03-2012 7:33 AM

Will the new swivel clamps fit pro 60's?

wetsounds1 08-03-2012 8:08 AM

Not without some modifications to the housing and internals. The new REV housings have a larger hole in the center for the wire to pass though as the TC3 has all internal wiring inside the clamp. The internal support structure and mounting plate are also different. So would need a lot of drilling and work to gain the full ability of the TC3.

You could skip the internal wiring and use the nuetrik and they would bolt up but would not allow you to spin completely around. However if you are just looking for a quick disconnect option, would still give you that ability.

Wet Sounds

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