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trash4life 06-02-2011 11:40 AM

This looks familiar
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Thought this shape looks familiar. I bet Shred Stixx is kinda ticked. Anybody heard of Bombora wake?

wakemitch 06-02-2011 12:35 PM

Wow that is crazy. Where did you find that?

ragboy 06-02-2011 1:56 PM

Check out the rocket on that thing. I don't think they have much to worry about.

JasonDJ 06-02-2011 2:01 PM

Wow, the only thing I found on them was this classified listing in Utah:


Looks like a ATV shop (USA Motor Toys) selling it for $359???

My work computer filter blocked access to the website ( www.bomborawake.com) which probably doesn’t exist.

I got the following message:

"The reason the website is being blocked: Spyware Effects/Privacy Concerns

Sites to which spyware (as defined in the Spyware/Malware Sources category) reports its findings or from which it alone downloads advertisements. It does not contain sites which serve advertisements for other web pages in addition to spyware advertisements; only those sites uniquely used by spyware. Includes sites that contain serious privacy issues, such as "phone home" sites to which software can connect and send user information; and sites to which browser hijackers redirect users. Usually does not include sites that can be marked as Spyware/Malware. "

ragboy 06-02-2011 2:35 PM


Originally Posted by ragboy (Post 1683189)
Check out the rocket on that thing. I don't think they have much to worry about.

Correction, "rocker".

duffymahoney 06-02-2011 3:20 PM

Rocker looks terrible!

trash4life 06-02-2011 3:31 PM

I found it here.
I noticed that rocker as well. I know my Stixx doesn't have that rocker so I'm sure that fake is slow hell but it could fool plenty of beginners.

ragboy 06-02-2011 4:16 PM

Looks like it could double as a boomerang. Probably can't even let go of the rope.

surfdad 06-02-2011 7:41 PM

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There is something wrong with that rocker picture. The board in all three pictures match nose and tail but the traction on the rocker picture is way forward, like 4 inches or so. Almost like it's not the same board or they did a bad job of resizing the picture, probably distorting the rocker.

Lakewakes found pictures from the factory in China, seems like they are copying a bunch of shapes.

ragboy 06-02-2011 7:44 PM

There was more than one pic that showed that crazy rocker.


surfdad 06-02-2011 8:01 PM

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This picture didn't look that bad to me. It would be interesting to get the actual rocker measurements.

desotodave 06-02-2011 9:01 PM

The guy importing them is in Utah, not far from where I live. He literally knows nothing about the boards and wake surfing. I will go bye and take a look at them when I get back home from Florida tomorrow. He said he has also made a clone of a Landlock! Not sure why you would want to copy that board, but that is what he has. Stay tuned.

wofrankwo 06-02-2011 10:01 PM


i wonder if they also made these awhile ago ...... " they were also quite good when they fell off the car " " ever wonder where all the cheap recycled bottles go "

wofrankwo 06-02-2011 10:08 PM


" limited lifetime structual warranty " isn't that the same warranty god gives? ( excuse me i just woke from a long nap )

desotodave 06-05-2011 11:45 AM

Went by yesterday and they were closed. Will try next week.

brewkettle 06-06-2011 4:49 AM

Spoke with Jasmine at the China factory that makes this comp copy . Can make this or other boards in this size for 135.00 Fob . Comes with fins traction and bag 1.5# EPS foam with 6/6 cloth both sides. Min order 20

surfdad 06-06-2011 7:19 AM

WOW! $135 a unit, you can't even get the raw materials to build a board in the USA for that cost. Brewkettle, did "Jasmine" indicate how they were copying? Are they scanning a physical product shipped to them or do they accept a DXG file emailed? Or was it just a rough estimate based upon a picture? Shape, to me, is the easiest part of this formula for a knockoff. You can scan a shape for less than $100 and getting G-Code for the tool path is virtually automatic.

@Desotodave if it's not too much trouble, when you get a chance to look at the board can you see if there are any tell-tale signs of a tool path? They'll be length-wise bands...not really ridges, but like there is a difference between the foam every 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch. Thanks!

desotodave 06-06-2011 10:44 AM


I will try and look for that. I was Also planning on measuring the rocker.


brewkettle 06-06-2011 2:32 PM

@ Surfdad,

Didn't talk specifics because of the 1.5# foam and non Futures fins. They never used Futures before.

desotodave 06-08-2011 7:21 AM

So, I went and took a look at this board, and have some thoughts. First thing i noticed was the build quality was VERY poor! The glass had tons of pinholes, dirt, and just blemishes in the finish. There is not a reputable board manufacturer that would even think of selling a board like that as anything less than a BLEM or a SECOND. Second, the graphics they had on the board were horrible! It looks like they designed it in low resolution, then printed it out about 10 times larger than the resolution called for, it truly is an UGLY board in person. As to the rocker, it truly is one continuous rocker. I put it on the counter, and lifted it up till the nose was flat and then measured how far the other end was off the counter, 9 inches! See the pictures.

Jeff you had asked about machine marks, I could not see any type of machine marks on the board, I looked VERY close, in the light, shadows etc and could not see any indications of ridges or lines that would indicate it was cut out by a machine.

desotodave 06-08-2011 7:27 AM

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Here are the pics

surfdad 06-08-2011 12:27 PM

Holy crap that's ugly! It looks it has 4" plus of nose and tail rocker, I wonder where they found the blank that had that much curve over 4'8" :) Thanks for checking for the tool path, that would indicate to me that it's strictly by hand, there's no cut file.

desotodave 06-08-2011 12:48 PM

I think it is actually closer to 4 1/2 inches of rocker. I am sure that somebody somewhere is going to want to take their design to this company and have them make it, but I would not! The construction quality is just horrible. if you look at the bottom it "appears' to have a stringer down the midle of the board, but by looking closely, I believe that it is in fact not, but rather part of the graphic to just look like one as it had gaps in it just like the graphic did. Like they say in the car business, it is a great 30 footer! The hilarious part of it is, the guy who is importing them knows NOTHING about wakesurfing. But the company he buys some paddle boards from makes these boards, so he decided to try it. His comment on this board was "it is just like a Hyperlite, the best wakesurfing board you can buy". HA HA HA. Yeah, we all know that Hyperlite is the premier WAKESURF company. Not bashing Hyperlite, they do make wakesurf boards, but none shaped like that, and they are in the entry level end of the business not the high performance end, and I don't think that is the focus of their efforts.

Oh yeah, the board was much heavier than I thought it would be. I would compare it to my old CWB ride in weight.

timmyb 06-08-2011 3:09 PM

That looks like rocker from a wakeboard, not a surfboard!

desotodave 06-14-2011 6:36 PM

So has anyone seen any of these boards show up in their local markets besides me?

brewkettle 06-15-2011 4:40 AM

No. But you can get your local shaper to build you your favorite shape.

wakemitch 06-15-2011 9:22 AM


Originally Posted by brewkettle (Post 1686360)
No. But you can get your local shaper to build you your favorite shape.

or you can support the people/companies that spend tons of time and money dreaming, creating, and R&Ding your favorite shapes

Chaos 06-16-2011 11:01 AM

wow, pretty bad amateur hour.... it is funny most knock off at least try to modify the look a bit, but this Comp 1.0 clone has the 'new' traction copied, a bottom graphic and generalities of the overall shape....at least they didn't go as far as branding it as a shredstixx.... The shape is bad, and totally clear from these picture it was produced by people with no clue, just trying to replicate a design... you get what u pay for.... from our perspective it is a two year old model, and we don't make it anymore for a reason..... What would really suck is if it came from our factory or from a 'friend of a friend' over in the crazy asian replication market.... At least Airbaze made an attempt at producing a relevant product.... the Concorde is a total replicate of the last board I made RO with a different spray job and minor tweaking to the nose, etc.... This is the industry.... I mean every actually surfboard manufacture has a 6'1" or 2" pro model, a fish design, a semi-gun and a real gun and longboard, etc..... they are all pretty much the same....

Chaos 06-16-2011 11:07 AM

Also, from the pics... it looks like it is a blank with a wooden center stringer, but the deck, wrapping to the underside of the rails has a white 'gel' coat or candy coat or epoxy paint finish.... the bottom has a clear finish with a rice or fiber paper/cloth print graphic..... This is my guess, from the opaque color white on the deck and kind of off white of the 'clear' bottom.....

desotodave 06-17-2011 7:04 AM

AS I mentioned in an earlier post, I do not think this board even has a stringer down the center, i believe it is just part of the graphic, as the stringer disapears with the graphic.

Chaos 06-17-2011 8:43 AM

I hear you Dave, and no offense, but as a board manufacture with nearly 25 years experience I can see the wooden stringer and can tell the top is just white washed/painted probably to hide all kinds a mis-shaping or poor glassing... or it could have been a design decision from the beginning since a surface painted board will stay white or colored longer.

desotodave 06-30-2011 12:38 PM


Originally Posted by brewkettle (Post 1686360)
No. But you can get your local shaper to build you your favorite shape.

I had to reply. Located as I am in the desert of Utah, we don't an abundance of shapers here. Would not even know where to go! I keep thinking about getting a custom board made, I like everything I hear about the performance boards on here, but at 220 LBS, these are not really made for someone my size......(big sigh).

desotodave 06-30-2011 12:47 PM


Originally Posted by Chaos (Post 1686991)
I hear you Dave, and no offense, but as a board manufacture with nearly 25 years experience I can see the wooden stringer and can tell the top is just white washed/painted probably to hide all kinds a mis-shaping or poor glassing... or it could have been a design decision from the beginning since a surface painted board will stay white or colored longer.


If you can find one of these boards near you, I would suggest taking a look at it. When looking at the bottom of the board the graphic is obviously printed on some kind of rice paper, vellum or something similar. You can see the foam on the bottom of the board. My thought about their not really being a stringer is that pieces of it disappear in places you should see it. The graphic is very poor quality, and has places where it looks like it just didn't print, not only in the design, but the stringer as well. The stringer had several of these spots. It could have an actual stringer, as it appears in the pictures, but in person looking at the board, I really question if it is real, or not.

tuneman 07-01-2011 9:21 AM

Call me crazy, but I would be amazed if anyone could actually surf that thing. That rocker is ridiculous!

If you're gonna take the time to even copy something, at the very least, you should probably test it out. No stringer means it's gonna snap into two on the first ride.

brewkettle 07-04-2011 6:11 PM

So you say then the JWSM by TWP will snap on first ride cause it has no stringer?

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