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ollies_drew 06-01-2011 2:03 PM

A little info from the photo shoot
Well just got back in town on Friday from one of the best Photo shoots I have been to. The centurion Crew and Athletes flew out to Vegas and than made the 3 hour drive down to the Blue Water Resort in Parker, Arizona. I was excited to see this place since this will be the same venue for the 2011 WWSC. The place is amazing!! The resort is very nice. Good food, Nice Casino. The only down side is the smoke in teh casino area but didn't matter to much because we were spending our days on the beautiful Colorado River with it's crystal clear water. I was also excited because I was about to see the 2012 Line-up for Centurion Boats. I have been a Centurion Team rider for almost 10 years now. THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST LOOKING LINE OF BOATS WE HAVE EVER HAD! I am blown away with the upgrades and the new models we have. The biggest changes are the 211 Enzo, The 233 Enzo and The 244 Enzo. The 233 and the 244 have so much room in them. Centurion took a 240+ and a 230+ and moved the windshield like 18"s forward. Yes the bow is smaller but with the + bow on it there is still plenty of room. And for the cockpit of the boat well it is HUGE! And with the Perfect Enzo hull under it well it is a roomy WAVE MAKER!!! My favorite boat is the New 2012 211 Enzo. For those who remember we did a smaller enzo a few years back. It had a different hull then the regular enzo's and was a little more flat bottom. So the wake was just ok. Well now you have a 21' Enzo with teh exact same hull as all the Enzo's only a little is taken off the back. I am a person with no need for a 23 or 24' boat so I instantly was drawn to this boat. My first thought "Lets surf this thing" Well Surf it we did. And it does not take nearly as much weight as most boats to getthis thing big and shaped perfect!! We also loaded it down for Ricky G to take a wakeboard set behind and after his first hit he looked at me and started nodding YES!! THIS BOAT IS WINNER ALL THE WAY AROUND! You will find me behind one shortly in my lake. The whoel shoot was a huge success lots of great riding. I got to ride with Keenen Flegel and for 15 the kid Kills It and is such a nice person. Almost a perfect trip other then being completely DISRESPECTED by Jeff Paige from Inland Surfer but thats a whole other story. Sorry for rambling just wanted to fill the crew in for 2012. IT WILL BE GOOD!!! Pictures coming soon.

For pictures of the boats and stuff please check out

Wakesurfnc 06-02-2011 5:07 AM

hows the river? strong current?

jdjjamesz 06-02-2011 10:54 AM

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Hey Drew ,what up .Nice hanging with you.I will for sure hit you up in the summer to come help me surf some waves at typhoon lagoon..Great location ,strong current and afternoon wind gets crazy .was there in october last year same deal, :D.stoked to hang with everyone .The new boats are insane ,I love the 244.thats for sure my next boat..Wish I had my boat there to show everyone the tidal wave....heres a few pictures of the place..

jdjjamesz 06-02-2011 10:56 AM

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