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ord27 05-27-2011 11:22 AM

Dead Space 2
I love this game! I finally beat it on the impossible level where you only get 3 saves. My last save was on level 14 out of 15. I got stuck there. I put the game down for about 2 months, but finally got back at it and won. The reward is the hand cannon. it's comical, but fun. I guess they figured you had to work your butt off to get it, so they made it goofy fun....
I'm ready fun the next installment in the series.....


wakeboardern1 05-27-2011 5:36 PM

Hahaha, love that game. I totally cheated though and downloaded a save game file for it (I have it for PC) and got the Hand Cannon, every gun, and every suit. The hand cannon is probably the greatest weapon in any game, of all time.

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