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silverlude 05-26-2011 8:09 PM

Board Racks- Customs?
Need some help for ideas for custom racks or just buy some single or dbl racks to slap on the sides of the tower. We don't mind building a custom for the top of the tower as I have access to welders and fabricators. Could some of ya post pics of your custom racks ya have? We have Inland Surfer boards. If I go the "off the shelf" tower mount board racks, is it better to go with the DBL rack on each side or single board racks? Concern is that in rough water runs ect... that the DBL rack may let the boards smack together and cause damage ect... All ideas and opinions appreciated. Tks

duramat 05-26-2011 8:42 PM

My Buddy Kris just designed and had his made. They turned out awesome! I just need to find a way to do the same thing as what he did on his Avy. My tower is different.

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h20king 05-27-2011 6:03 AM

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I am ruining two sets of Samson racks on the tower and have had no problems with the boards slapping and damaging the boards

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