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depswa 05-25-2011 2:27 PM

Hey guys...I played a Satellite Tournament and won a seat to a $1,000 event in this years WSOP...So, I'm playing event #8 on Jun 4th (Which is also my Bday! Woot!). I'll be there 6/3-6/7...anyone else from wakeworld planning on taking a shot at a WSOP bracelet this year?

I'm pretty excited...my game has been pretty solid lately...now I just have to see how it holds up against 4,000+ other players! Yikes!!!! :o

BCPMike0663 05-25-2011 2:45 PM

Let us know how it goes. I haven't been playing at all lately. My local game broke up and now that they shut down online play I am out in the cold. I am interested to see the number of players at the WSOP now that there are no online satelites. Going on vacation next week hopefully I will get some time to go up and visit our local casino for a little bit.

depswa 05-26-2011 3:22 PM

Yea...I miss online too, but it seems like more people are playing live games now, so that's good. I like live games a lot better because I can actually get more of a read on some players.

Yea, I'm kinda curious to see how the attendance is too...I know the poker site satellites used to account for several 1000s of the players every year.

I'll definitely try to post how many players and my chip counts throughout the tourney. Would be nice to get to day 3, but its gonna be a BIG field. We'll see!

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