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spf2275 05-23-2011 4:40 PM

2010 Ronix Koal for 1st Board?
I am looking at getting a surf style board to surf with when not wakeboarding. I'm just looking for something to ride and have in the boat that other people who can't wakeboard can ride. I was looking at the 4'6" I am 5"10 170lb and have a stock for now 2010 MasterCraft X-15. Any opinions?

wakemitch 05-23-2011 5:03 PM

If it's stock your going to want to go with a faster board or a bigger board probably

spf2275 05-23-2011 8:22 PM

Any suggestion for a board then? I have stock ballast and usually 8 or 9 people in the boat that I can push to one side. Should I consider putting a sack in the back locker?

wakemitch 05-23-2011 10:09 PM

A sac in the back locker will help tons with any board and dont take much time at all to fill. so worth it

4white 05-24-2011 5:20 PM

The Ronix Koal is a great board. It was my first board as well, I bought the 5'6 as I am about 210 and a wake boarder at heart. You should definatly consider more weight, if you go to Wakemakers.com they have retro fits that will work with your existing system. It made a huge difference for us, have fun!!

timmyb 05-25-2011 8:35 AM

Also consider the Inland Surfer Red Woody. Not sure what your budget is though.

peettee79 05-25-2011 5:05 PM

My first was a 2010 koal 4'6 great board, very loose and very fragile. The fin box's fell out after 3
Months , had to reset. Im 80kg and its a bit small for me. You wont be able to riP big hard bottom turns unless you upgrade the eom fins.
Id go a shredstixx for a more surf style and durability.

silverlude 05-28-2011 6:01 AM

We have a Koal and a IS Blue Lake. The Blue is the definetly the better and easier board to ride for 90% of the people who ride with us.The Koal is also way more fragile as mentioned. Surfed on a nice Shed Stixx model as well and it's great,construction good as well. The Koal's are ok but shop around and spend your money wisely, once, not twice or more to find a board you will learn alot on and great to progress on. IS boards are worth every penny IMHO.

brewkettle 05-28-2011 9:05 AM

Google wakesurf boards in Georgia, your home state.

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