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fman 05-23-2011 3:29 PM

50lb LED weight bags
Anyone have any recommendations for LED weight bags that are clean and have no residue on them that will leak out and stain carpeting? I cant seem to locate any, someone mentioned if they are treated in oil it will leak out and stain carpet. Not sure if this is true?

Any recommendations appreciated.... looking for about 400 lbs.

h20king 05-23-2011 6:38 PM


Shooter 05-23-2011 9:17 PM

The pop bags are " treated with oil" but I have not had any issues with them leaking. They are also 40lbs, not 50lbs. I know of a guy that makes some real nice lead bags (better than the pop bags) but because of shipping, it's not really worth the cost.

dennish 05-23-2011 9:48 PM

Hey Travis,
CMS has 50# lead bags from Leadwakes in So Cal. The best I have ever seen. Email me and I can get you the information.

h20king 05-24-2011 6:51 AM

Dennis I looked at cms on line store and did not see the bags.I am about to pull the trigger on some more bags so if there is something better than the pop bags I'm interested.If possible could you post the info on them............................H

dennish 05-24-2011 7:26 AM

I don't think they have them on their online store. They are 50# square bags made of cordura material. The lead is bullets which makes them conform better and the lead is in a plastic bag. There is a foam cushion on the bottom of the bag and a sturdy handle. Hit me up if Mitch or Grant don't have any more and I can get you in touch with the guy who makes the bags.

moto817 05-24-2011 8:11 AM


dejoeco 05-24-2011 11:57 AM

I did this quite a few years ago, but here it goes. I went to a local gun store that sold reclaimed lead shot. You might also find this at a gun range. At the time it sold for a bout $16 for a 50lb or 100 lb sac. (not certain) 50 pounds fit into a 1 gal gas can.. The can is clean and has a nice handle to move the weight around.

vman 05-24-2011 12:03 PM

Dennis is right about the lead bags. I got to see these bags at the West Coast Open. They are great bags, well made, and easy to move around. I have the pop bags and feel the Leadwakes bags are better.

ragboy 05-24-2011 2:19 PM

I had a bunch of pop bags, good stuff, but hard to handle. The leadwakes bags are lead, so denser, pop bags was not lead, it was steel shot. The handle on the pop bags is like on the side. Its like grabbing a small grocery bag, and when when you lay it down, you have to lay it on its side, doing this with a bunch of bags when changing sides is a pain. The leadwakes bag, the strap on top. so you lift move and set. SO much easier. The leadwakes bags seemed much more sturdy, and able to take the punishment of moving them around as needed.

From what I understand, the leadwakes bags are also lead from gun ranges.

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