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kitriathlon 08-16-2003 9:13 PM

Is it crazy to buy 2002 new? Will I take a big hit the minute I drive it off the lot? <BR> <BR>04 X9 is about $54,000 OTD way over my head! <BR> <BR>New 02 X9 for about $44,000 OTD seems a little high? How much will it be worth when I take it home? <BR> <BR>Is it better to buy a used 2002 X9 to save money and take a chance that the boat is OK? <BR> <BR>Used asking prices are about $38,000 for X9 with about 200 hrs. <BR> <BR>Used 2002 X7 for about $33,000 with about 40 hrs. <BR> <BR>What would you do if Mastercraft was the boat you decided on New Or Used that is the question????????????.

bmblbee 08-17-2003 8:21 AM

How long do you plan to keep the boat after you buy it? If you will keep it a couple years I would go with new rather than used. I suspect the dealer wants to get out of the 2002 model now that 2004's are shipping so I would sit down with him and start negotiating at $40,000. Depending on the options it has you will need to determine how high you want to go but try working him down to your price or get him to throw in a few 'extras' (cover, bimini, trailer spare, cheap financing, etc.) At the end of the day if he sees you as a real buyer he should think twice about passing up an offer on the boat. You could also try another approach and ask to see his invoice for the boat to see if he has any room to move below $44,000. Again, he wants to get rid of the boat and you want to buy it. You both want to deal so get on with it. <BR> <BR>Good luck.

tlb 08-17-2003 8:47 AM

Bob is right, The X-7 price is good if it has been taken care of. I sold mine for about the same. The prices on the X-9's are high. 40,000 OTD is a decent price depending on options, you should be able to get bimini, cover, heater, PP, included in that price. <BR>As for used X-9's, check out boattrader.com, I remember similiar hr. boats for about 32-34k. <BR>Also, as summer ends there will be alot of boats for sale soon.

bjbatch 08-17-2003 9:56 AM

Kirk - Since you said in another thread you want to ski as well as board, I would suggest you ski behind either of these boats before buying. I tested a lot of boats when I was buying and the X7 and X9 had the worst slalom wake IMO. It was a hard wake with a big trough--not what you like in the course.

hyperlitenrd 08-17-2003 12:34 PM

If you have the money to pay cash, pay cash, its a real motivator to sell something, or so i am told by my parents and my Ecconomics teacher.

clint_h 08-18-2003 8:51 AM

I paid 42,500 for a new 03 X9 at the beginning of the year. It is well optioned - MCX Bimini solid hull color <BR> <BR>By the way I love the boat but the slalom wake is a little hard. Good luck

tommyadrian5 08-18-2003 10:44 AM

I agree as they say in business cash is king, if you tell a dealer you will give him cash that day he will get very aggressive(in a good way) with a deal.

bjbatch 08-18-2003 11:09 AM

What's the difference between cash and a pre-arranged loan? I doubt very few people have 40K to just plunk down on a boat. I set up my loan in advance and went in with a check from my credit union. The dealer cashed it the same day.

bmblbee 08-18-2003 1:57 PM

Cash offers seem to imply that you won't waste a bunch of time qualifying for a loan. Sold my Harley F150 truck into the US market and spent 3 weeks screwing around with a buyer who was not pre approved and couldn't get qualified. Got tired of the problems and sold to another interested party for a few $ less. <BR> <BR>Cash in hand or pre approval would both get the dealers attention. <BR> <BR>You might also get more info on Clint's deal ('03 for $42,500) and push the dealer to $38,000 for a two year old boat.

tommyadrian5 08-18-2003 2:26 PM

having a prearranged loan and cash is the same thing, bob said it right, what they want is money in their hand and no risk of you not being able to pay, which they get, whether you get them a cashiers check, cash, or a prearranged loan check. If you can't make your prearranged loan payment, the creditor takes your boat, its not the dealers problem. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by tommyadrian5 on August 18, 2003)

tlb 08-18-2003 7:17 PM

I was told by my dealer he'd rather arrange financing because they get a kick back from the bank. I was offering cash, he said he'd rather finance it for me.

nick360 08-18-2003 8:20 PM

<b>Tom Barnard</b>, I would agree w/ you. Cash means less hassle for a dealer, but most prefer you finance through them as they make more $. <BR> <BR><b>Kirk,</b> Definately look at boattraderonline.com and flipsell.com to research prices on '02s - remember, this is a two year old boat and you need to buy it at a 2 year depreciated price. $54k for an X-9? I don't think most dealers sell X-30's for that price. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by nick360 on August 18, 2003)

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