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jmcmichael08 05-21-2011 10:19 AM

Lake Norman, NC
Hey folks I live near Lake Norman in North Carolina and I'm dying to get on the water. My friends I used to ride with moved (with their boat) to New Jersey and therefore I am out of a pull. If anyone wouldn't mind a tag along, I'd really appreciate it. I've got all my own equipment. Just respond to this thread, message Josh McMichael on facebook, or even text 609-707-2905. Thanks in advance.

Josh McMichael

burban89 05-22-2011 7:14 AM

hey man, we dont get on Norman anymore but we are all over Wylie. If you get down this way let me know.

I should be back on the water by this coming weekend.

Good Luck

do420jc 05-22-2011 2:17 PM

Always looking for a 3rd on Lake Norman. Weeknights after 5pm and weekends at sun up. Text me or call me this week and we'll hook up. 9804222864. Derek

jmcmichael08 05-22-2011 7:09 PM

thanks for the fast replies. i appreciate the offer raymond, but lake wylies a pretty good haul. i'm gonna have to take derek up on this one. i've got your number derek and ill text you so we can set something up. i really appreciate it guys.


cccbuilders 05-23-2011 7:38 PM

DO ill hit you up mang, just slump it out tho

do420jc 05-24-2011 2:02 AM

Let's roll Capuzzo

boarderchick 06-17-2011 2:05 PM

Are you guys still looking for extra riders?

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