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adrenaline_od 05-20-2011 12:52 PM

Louisiana Spring Fling and other Grassroots Events
Louisiana Spring Fling has certainly undergone many changes since its inception around 13 years ago. It's again going on nearly as strong as ever and this year, among other riders, the event will be attended by Ricky Gonzales.

BUT, here's my question to anyone who's ever gone to LSF or any other grassroots event such as that:

What was your favorite part of the entire event? Be honest. I'm only partly involved in any events anymore and am only seeking input regarding what draws each individual person to events such as this.

For me, it was meeting new people and riding with them. For some, I'm sure it was the after parties. For others, maybe seeing so many boats packed in one area. For a few, maybe it was getting to meet some pro riders in a non-contest environment and hanging out with them. Whatever your reason, let's hear it..................

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