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projectely4 05-19-2011 8:45 AM

north NJ
any riders in the north NJ area (lake mohawk, lake hopatcong, greenwood lake, etc)?

My boat is in the water right now, but everyone is busy with work and jobs. My schedule is flexible and allows me to ride during the week, but try to ride whenever possible.

If anyone is down to ride let me know, I got a fully weighted X2 on a private lake, just bring gas.

njskier 05-19-2011 4:52 PM

Hey soulrider,

I have fridays off so I'd be available most of the time if you need a third (I can bring someone else along too if you need another). What lake are you on, Mohawk?

We ride my X-star on the Delaware river near Florence if you every want a pull. Shoot me your number.

Dave W

paulharenberg 05-19-2011 8:22 PM

Hey Soulrider,

I live in Central/West Jersey and I am always looking for more people to ride with.

I am available all weekends and some weeknights granted I can get out of work at a reasonable hour to allow enough time to ride.

I mostly ride the rivers around the Lehigh Valley Area.

Shoot me your info and can ride.

Paul H.

projectely4 05-20-2011 9:24 AM

yea im on Lake Mohawk. I'd mostly being looking to ride during the week, and mornings or during the day as thats when I have more time available, so fridays would work. I'm not to big on riding on the weekends here cause the lake gets crowded with lots of rollers from sea walls.

njskier 05-20-2011 3:51 PM

Fridays work for me, plus I may be able to get a 3rd if needed too.

Shoot me your cell number

steady902 07-06-2011 10:22 PM

hey guys im on buddlake. idk if you guys ever ride there. im pretty flexible wit work usually and am always looking to ride. ive only been riding a year or so im not that good. but if u guys ever need a third or can get out during the week let me know.

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