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ntkamper 05-17-2011 2:17 PM

Looking for a Pull in new jersey/new York area
Does anyone shred in the Franklin lakes/new York city area? I'm coming up here to visit my girlfriend for 10 days and i want to bring my
Board!! Here's a recent video of me riding on lake Holden in Orlando http://vimeo.com/m/#/23409546

I'm always looking for new people to ride with in Orlando too

Lakemiltonwake 05-17-2011 2:43 PM

You Florida guys think you can hang with the temps us northern guys do? Haha just kidding man, Nice video.. Here's to you finding a pull.

njskier 05-17-2011 3:56 PM

Nick, we ride in NJ about 1 hour from NYC. (Some guys that ride with me are from NYC) What dates are you coming? Water temp here right now is a balmy 61.

ntkamper 05-17-2011 5:11 PM

im gonna be up there may 23-29th! im bringing my board for sure, trying to convince my girlfriend to road trip to wake nation but i doubt thats gonna happen! i definitely would love to come out if your only an hour from nyc, ill contribute gas i know how it is! let me know man

cadunkle 05-18-2011 5:20 AM

I'm also in NJ, though I ride a bit farther south than Dave. Usually looking for a third so there's another option for you. There are a few other guys from NJ on this forum who may chime in as well. So if you want to ride you should have a few options.

ntkamper 05-18-2011 9:40 AM

im having problems sending private messages on this forum, Dave W (njskier) do you have an email address I could reach you at? same for you cory, i'm gonna be up in jersey for 8 days so driving a few hours to ride is definitely something I plan on doing! so anyone who is looking for a third please email me at ntkamper@knights.ucf.edu thanks :) or post your email and i will contact you

njskier 05-19-2011 12:57 AM


We should be out riding either May 27th or 28th on the river. I sent you an e-mail with my contact #

See ya,

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