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wofrankwo 05-15-2011 10:05 AM

Best IPhone App for Speed
we have never known our speed when surfing behind the boat ...... i was shown by robert and dennis on their phones great apps for this ...... ive tried 4 different apps with no success ...... any recommendations for a good speed app?

lakesurfer 05-15-2011 3:43 PM

GPS Motion X is the one I have

Fiveflat 05-16-2011 6:47 PM

GPS Motion X

Fo sho!

ragboy 05-18-2011 9:19 PM

I use Speedometer Pro, works great, accurate on my iphone 4, and shows decimal.


JArthurSquid 06-12-2014 7:58 AM

Ride My Wake for iPhone
Ride My Wake for iPhone. Designed specifically for watersports.

augie_09 06-12-2014 9:05 AM

EDIT: just realized this thread was for speed apps and not volume based speed apps. anyway, leaving my post for prosperity... The last 2 do show your current gps based speed.

I downloaded 3 free apps yesterday and am just starting to test them out while driving around town, will test on boat this weekend. But so far, here's my first impressions

- you can set minimum volume and then three levels of volume increase (1, 2, 3). Not sure how the three levels are calculating increase, could just be multiples. 3 is the loudest.
- this app doesn't let you specify at what speed the audio should be a full volume (or target volume)
- this app controls volume from other music apps other than itunes/apple music app, but it really wants to play music from iTunes/music app. Tapping the audio controls or a few other buttons in this app by mistake will stop my rdio or spottily app and starts playing from iTunes. Annoying.
- I won't be using this app or its paid upgraded

Audio Cruise:
- This app lets you set your minimum volume and what speed that minimum volume coincides with. It also lets you set your maximum volume and what speed that max coincides with. Great!
- It works with all my music apps (for volume control) and does not offer track selection/play capabilities. fine by me. I can do all that from the lock screen.
- works well in background mode
- crashed once, but so far my favorite of the three.

- This app lets you set min volume and min speed and max volume and max speed, just like audio cruise.
- this app sometimes stops working in background mode and at a full stop it goes completely quiet, 0 volume. not my minimum volume.
- This app is always trying to adjust the volume, which shows the volume adjust popup over whatever app you are using currently. incredibly annoying.
- not going wit this app either.

There' s a couple 0.99 apps also with good reviews, but so far audio cruise seems to be working great.

augie_09 06-12-2014 9:09 AM


Originally Posted by JArthurSquid (Post 1880689)
Ride My Wake for iPhone. Designed specifically for watersports.

one nice thing this app has that the 3 free ones I am testing don't is the profile capabilities. in the free apps you'll have to adjust the max speed from 20+ to 11ish to go from wake boarding to surfing.

JArthurSquid 06-12-2014 9:37 AM

Ride My Wake doesn't adjust volume to speed -- however, I'm going to suggest it to the developer for the next update (they are very responsive). Since they already have profiles, it shouldn't be difficult to be able to add volume-to-speed settings for each profile.

JArthurSquid 06-13-2014 5:57 AM

Ride My Wake
The three apps above look interesting, but it seems like a lot of monkeying around and configuring for speeds.

Since Ride My Wake! has profiles where you can set a "target speed" for each profile (it uses color to show that you are in your target speed) it seems like it would be most effective for the app to turn up the volume when you near your target speed and turn it down when you drop away from it.

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