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wakemitch 05-14-2011 12:56 PM

Keenan Flegel Pro Model
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Ever since hearing that Keenan was getting a pro model skim board made with the same construction as James Walker's pro model I have been intrigued. The sandwich construction used in the Flyboy makes it super light, stiff, and way more lively. Riding the Flyboy last year it was a night and day difference between the feel of the sandwich construction board to a standard board. Standard boards just felt dead after that. It's hard to explain(my vocabulary sucks), but it just feels different underfoot.

I have yet to ride a skimboard that has a similar feel. Carbon fiber in boards like Phase 5 and Calibrated feel a little more lively by being stiffer and having a faster rebound after flexing. So I am really excited to try out Keenan's Pro Model by Inland Surfer. It is sandwich construction but also has carbon rails to be extra stiff. And I put it on a shipping scale and it's only 4.75lbs which is crazy light. The Inland website says it's 3lbs which is wrong, but 4.75 is still super light. But I dont really think weight matters much anyway.

I am really curious to see how the new construction helps the board. It looks to be the same shape as the Moss just built differently. At 150lbs I thought the Moss was too slow compared to the other boards on the market. So I wonder if the sandwich construction and carbon rails are able to make up for that.

Also, I'm stoked Inland Surfer finally has an arch bar. I don't know how people ride without them.

I'm going to be taking a demo out tomorrow from California Marine Sports and I'll write up a review like I did for the Phase 5 Danielo Diamond.

I love trying new boards.

johnboyy7 05-14-2011 1:34 PM

im anxious to hear your thoughts. how long is it?

wakemitch 05-14-2011 2:10 PM

It is 4'2.75" (50.75")
I was comparing it to the Phase 5 Drew Carbon 51" and the Keenan has more surface area in the tail but is narrower near the nose

wakemitch 05-26-2011 10:26 AM

Sorry for the delay. I was able to ride the board on 5-15-11, but I never got around to typing my review.

First off, the float and the feel of the board is unreal. It is so lively. It feels just like the Flyboy in terms of how it feels under your feet, but as a skim. One of the most fun boards I have ridden. Besides that, the board rides very similar to the Inland Surfer Moss. You definitely need a good wake to ride the board, but if you do you will love it.

Here is a video of me riding it and then me back on my normal board.

<iframe width="425" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/H-TWqmoUHYU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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