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CaseySans101 05-12-2011 9:04 AM

In Need For Boat to Ride Behind!! $Willing to Pay Gas Money$
Hey im a local wakeboarder in the Dr. Phillips Area trying to get better. the boat tht i currently ride behind a ski boat with a broken pylon and some sand bags. on a good day it might be able to start up and im sick of paying $40 for like 45mins out on the lake. im in need to ride behind a nice wakeboarding boat with at least a ballast tank. the current boat i ride behind just a little bigger wake than a jetski and i still manage to do a whirlybird, but i wnt to get used to bigger boats so when i enter contest im used to the bigger wake. i have rode behind good boats only like 8 or 9 times but when i do i take as much advantage and try to get as much new tricks done as possible. i wnt to be able to hit a nice double up and land my double backroll. i have wished for so long to get a boat of my own but with the economy its pretty much impossible. im 18 years old (riding since 12 years old) and i feel ive came to a stop to my wakeboarding progression unless i ride behind a even decent boat so where i can exceed a certain height for tricks. SO PLEASE HELP ME i wnt to wakeboard and eventually go to pro men in the king of wake. i dont think theres anyone else out there tht has as much detication to this life style than me. im willing to pay for gas money. SO PLEASE HELP A FELLOW. :)

mc_x15 05-12-2011 2:01 PM

Find a third section might be a good place to start.

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