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UNvisible 05-11-2011 4:40 PM

Does anyone travel for bump party??
I have considered towing out to bump party from texas... since we have nothing like this on our area lakes (by law).. Does anyone do this? i assume I could just use a nation wide boat shipper, and rent a truck when I get there? Thoughts?

I guess I better get her floating before I worry about traveling to cali for a bump party though...


21vride 05-11-2011 5:04 PM

where are u at in texas ?? is there something on utube about the bump party

UNvisible 05-11-2011 5:08 PM

here is the bump party info


I'm on lake austin and lake travis

grant_west 05-11-2011 5:46 PM

Wow a Tow from Texas for the Bump Party??? Hey if you make it out from Texas with your boat for the Party I will def hook you up with some Swagg,

I'm sure some other people will throw in some goodies for a Monster tow like that.

Just show I got Love for Texas and not everyone out there plays "Thriller"
Ill start off with a cold case of Corona. If you show up with your 210 Ill throw in a set (3) of my old carbon fiber handles with Red LED's.

Im sure you can turn it into a west coast adventure, Delta, Shasta, Bullards Ect.

So if your Down better get moving Fast the Resort only has a room or 2 left

westsidarider 05-11-2011 7:05 PM

WTF your really charging for entry to this party?

tro 05-11-2011 7:33 PM

you should put those other 2 485's back on there if you are heading out to a bump party. ha ha.

UNvisible 05-11-2011 7:38 PM

or maybe just 4 rev10s

factorykitted 05-11-2011 7:48 PM

Im down to drag the Texas Stereo Project to Cali. Boat is in the shop as we speak getting a few upgrades :)

grant_west 05-11-2011 8:07 PM

Jason: Yea there is a charge to come to bump. Just to be clear , I'm not charging Nor do I make a dime from bump. I do what ever it is to just throw a good party. Last year the Dock fee went to Security (AKA) Police IMO its well worth it having the ability handle what ever pops up is money in the bank.
Brian: Come on out We will show you guys some California Love, I got a case for you as well.

UNvisible 05-11-2011 8:08 PM

a case of girls to ride around on our boat so we ont have to roll solo? lol

factorykitted 05-11-2011 8:11 PM

i can hold a dozen dimes.

factorykitted 05-11-2011 8:12 PM

wonder how much it would cost to ship both of our boats out there?

UNvisible 05-12-2011 7:10 PM

probably 1500 round trip each

jv210 05-13-2011 7:57 AM

I have to say I've always enjoyed the bump parties, but it's a little ridiculous to charge that much for boats at the dock and and extra 10 for the owners to be on the dock with their boat. I think it's the boats that make the bump party and charging the owners it pretty low.

It's used to be all about the dock party with the owners of the boats having a good time together, but now it seems like a money maker at our expense.

Grant This is nothing against you, I know you came up with the idea and it was great for a few years and I give you props for coming up with the idea, but now it seems like just another party with the promoters trying to make a buck. It's gotten really ghetto the last couple times and I think it's because of all the party promotion.

I don't think you are the actual one throwing anymore, but I would love to see it get back to were it started at.

phatboypimp 05-13-2011 10:03 AM

Unvisible: I would say leave your boat at home - jump on a plane - and come hang with the locals on our boats. There is probably little value to justify the cost of getting your boat all the way out here but get yourself (and your crew) out here and we will be happy to show you around.

chadgreg 05-13-2011 10:54 AM

Can we party and drink on our boat?

This is from the bump website..
Boat Slip Only more info
Is your boat BUMP III ready? Check w/ the authorized dealer at the bottom of the page for stereo system compatibility. Max slips purchased per registration is 3. This ticket is for the day use of the DOCK ONLY does NOT include entry to the event. A general admission ticket will need to be purchased separately for ea individual on your boat. No outside food or drink will be allowed on the docks. Jun 10, 2011 $40.00 $1.99

UNvisible 05-13-2011 11:41 AM

well the whole point of coming out there would be to check out all the boats systems, and show you guys what we're doing down in texas... I might consider flying out there though for the party, if i decide not to bring the boat.

DMeyersLT 05-13-2011 1:44 PM

Just my personal opinion here but I think that the people putting on this bump event should call the guys at CIE and get some pointers!!!!! Spring ride has always been off the hook and keeps getting better and better!! I can't really say that about the Bump tho, first two were great from there it has gone down hill. First it is a boat event so boat people should be there not a bunch of under age kids from modesto that want to come get drunk and try to hang out by people's boats... And another thing all they sold last year was **** beer and crapy drinks, how are you going to tell people they can not drink there own drinks on there boats when they payed to be there!!

Unvisible just my opinion agin but I think it would be a waste of time and money but next year if I were u I would not miss Spring Ride!!

grant_west 05-13-2011 6:02 PM

The Bump Party has changed since the the start. I can understand people being upset that they are No longer able to show up for FREE and drink on their boat all day long and not spend a dime at the place that host's the event. The ACB and the Resorts insurance do not allow outside booze on the dock's. No matter how many time we asked people to respect this rule some how it was still ignored. I personally got sick and tired of asking people to respect the rules, Dealing with that many people in party mode is one hell of a job. I guess you can kind of look at it like any grass roots event. Like boardstock. It starts off as a loose event and people can't seem to control them self's and things get out of hand, the next thing you know you are being asked to provide $2000 dollars worth of security and insurance, and wavers to throw a event that used to be FREE!.
Who is gonna pay for that?? The Sound that shows up and DJ's don't show up for FREE. Pretty soon your are out of pocket 5-8 grand to throw a event that used to be Free. OOO and you work all day long somtimes dealing with people that have had to much to drink for! You guessed it FREE!
Wow sounds like fun. Myself & Ryan with Chucktronics and his Crew, Gunner and Scott would show up a day in advance and run cat 5 all day long for your guessed it FREE! and then when everyone is passed out and hung over the next day we would all go and break down what we set up for Yup FREE! are you getting my point. Its alot of work yea its fun but I'm sorry if I don't feel sorry for you that you have to pay $40 to show up and party

westsidarider 05-13-2011 8:40 PM

Its not about being free. I can understand a dock slip fee as well as an entry fee for those that do not come with a boat and purchase a dock slip, However the fact that the higher ups advertise this event to certain market areas where you get low class trash people to come and pay for an event so that they can make money is retarded. The boating industry is not cheap, so why advertise to a low income market? Your not gaining anything that way. Your just getting trash to come fight and be stupid just like every year.

My 2 cents = stick to the love of the boating industry and the people that actually spend money in our beloved sport/ industry. NO ONE is getting rich here. Plain and simple. Your either do it for the love and just to get by or your contributing to the crap. End of story.

jv210 05-13-2011 8:59 PM

Grant, I think you got a couple things wrong. Most of the boats that showed up for the first few events stayed at the hotel for the weekend and spent money there. We weren't there for FREE. It was a 2 night minimum in the beginning which cost us about 300 just for the room which is like a motel 6, but that's another thing. The people that are just showing up and payiong for nothing are the ghetto hoodrats thats just go to get wasted and party and know nothing about boating, just that there's going to be a fat party at lake tulloch. It's just another fat party thrown at lake tulloch that brings with it a bunch of people and problems.

I know you put a lot of effect into setting it up and I grateful for that, but I also know that there are others out there that are willing to help with things like setting up and breaking it all down.

In my eyes this is just another party being thrown at lake tulloch resort except the words bump party were added to the flyer. For me to have to throw down 100 just for me and say 5 friends to chill on my boat on the dock and party after having to rent a room is a little ridiculous. I'm sure boats owners can afford the 40 for the space and the 10 for themselves, but I thinks wrong. I have to pay to be on the boat that I just payed to park at the dock.

johnny_jr 05-14-2011 9:39 AM

Im glad to pay what ever amount to party on my boat with good people. Id pay 1k if that's what it took, but it should be a great event rooted in the marine/wake industry or at least contribute to it in GOOD way.

I'd bet the Jasons ^^^ and others would agree.

I bet we could have one Hella fat party somewhere in the delta only assessable by boat and make it free to be part of. Glad to pull together details if we have any takers. I'd be cool to get our Texas counterparts out here for some NorCal fun.

grant_west 05-14-2011 9:42 AM

JV: The Resort would pay for sound and DJ's. They are pretty full come summer time. They would provide sound and DJ's with the hopes of re cooping extra costs associated with promoting and providing for the event by filling the resort full and selling food and drink.

By showing up and getting a room dosen't cover all cost's associated with putting on the event. The Idea was people would buy food and drink ect and all would be good. Ryan and myself would do all the work for free just to throw a good party.

So here is the Rub. People would get a room. (great) they would fill a cooler with booze (not purchaced at the resort) and sit and party on the docks in their boats all day long. This was against the rules (and put's the resorts Booze lice at risk) and would cause all sorts of problems. It would put me in a bad position. I would have to ask people to stop what they are doing even thought they have been told over and over not to do it and it was a Game of Hide and seek booze. NIGHTMARE!

One year I remember looking at the dock's and they were FULL the whole party was on the dock's Not one person was on land. There were 3 bar's filled with Booze and Bartenders waiting to sell drink's and not 1 customer. WHY? Cause everyone was out drinking out of their Boat's and not getting drinks from the Bar. The Resort owner was not only upset that their Liquor lice was being put in Jepordy but that people were not spending money where they should have. The way the Resort saw it and, I HAVE TO AGREE It would be like you going to a club/bar to party and bringing your own booze! And then getting pissed when the Bar owner asks you to get rid of your Booze.

Believe it or Not 9 times out of 10 when i would ask "Boat Owner" not random dirt bag's like some of you are talking about to put it away they would bust out the line, AhaaMan I have been comming here for ever and we used to be always be able to do>>> "Insert what every you like to do here" and no one said anything!

Yea Sure the first Bump's were more un regulated and loose you could show up with a few bottle of goose and party all day and night for the cost of a room , That's great. "Gas used to cost 99 cents and you used to be able to ride in the bed of a pick up truck" Sorry those times don't exist anymore, and guess what its not my fault LOL LOL. Blame them MAN!

So with that said the Resort is a few rooms away from Full and the event is almost sold out.

Look forward to seeing everyone there.

westsidarider 05-14-2011 9:40 PM

I feel a dead horse is being beaten here Grant. There are 2 points being made:
1- Us core people dont have a problem puttin up money to make an event happen and keep it core and be able to bring our own booze and do our thing without having the riff raff of the trash
2- By affiliating with these companies who must apply certain rules (ie. no booze or food except whats at the bar/resort) you are contributing to the bs of people who are just out to make a buck.

This event will continue to be trash until you take it back to the roots. You will always have dueshe bags that will show up and fight and cause a scene and break windows all over the place like last year.

You want to advertise? then great. seems like this forum is enough if you have people from texas interested in traveling all the way out here.

grant_west 05-14-2011 10:56 PM

Jason: you might not have been aware but even at the very first bump drinking outside booze on your boat on the docks has been against the rules. It sounds like you might have thought the orignal ones you were able to bring your own booze ect and then somthing changed and thats part of the problem. I know what your trying to say about the bad element but i can tell you that not all the problems are from the people you would expect. One of the major scuffels that happend last year was from a boat that a "Core" shop brought it wasent some random "trash" that you are reffering to. I dont want to try and defend the event just wanted to put out what you might not have been aware of.


no_tools 05-14-2011 11:12 PM

The first two were deff better because it was the spring ride guys who liked wakeboarding and boat systems that came. i think the first ones worked good because it brought more people who cared about boats more then getting wasted. its too bad that its gotten the rap it has but, if you wanna make more money youve gotta invite more people. maybe next year the cie cuys should get a hold of ryan at chucktronics and g and set up something at the spring ride. if the cie fellas would want to take that on.

grant_west 05-15-2011 8:37 AM

Its pretty ironic that the Bay to Breakers is going on right now and many people have the same sort of feeling towards the race as ome have towards bump. many people are upset that the race is lets just say" Not what it used to be" same sort of thing. The more people the more problems the more need for securty and regulations whos fault is this??? Imo no ones its just human nature. Thats how things go deal with it. I do agree there is always room and a need for grass roots events and if any of you are intrested in throwing them please put me on the invite list! Getting together on the water drAma free and meeting cool new people is what its all about. Sadley the summer seems to come and go so quick unless it gets put on the books it never sems to happen. I look forward to meeting some of you this summer.

jv210 05-15-2011 8:45 AM

This is my last post because I don't think any of this makes a difference but,

One year I remember looking at the dock's and they were FULL the whole party was on the dock's Not one person was on land. There were 3 bar's filled with Booze and Bartenders waiting to sell drink's and not 1 customer. WHY? Cause everyone was out drinking out of their Boat's and not getting drinks from the Bar.
But isn't this what it's all about, being on your boat bumpin with others that have the share the same stoke as you? It's seems like now it's just a money maker for the resort and that's it, It's not about the bump party on the docks anymore.

Also since this thread turned into no outside booze on the property, I'm pretty sure I remember seeing you and your group drink beer from coolers in your boat.

nautiquesonly 05-15-2011 9:42 AM

Do you guys think that any resort in their right mind would put themselves in the position of liability without the chance at making money. Core event or not, no one is going to let you throw a kickass party on their docks and expose their business to all kinds of liability for free.

no_tools 05-15-2011 11:19 AM

it just goes to show that the middle man always takes the biggest chunk of the pot. while the guys like ryan and g who set things up and the hotel that has the property gets shafted in the end. thats why keeping it small works better for the people invloved that actually do the work, but to those that are thinking about going. its deff something youve gotta see. to see 20 to 30 boats all bumping at the same time is deff dope.

dougpyne 05-23-2011 1:02 PM

Would you take your eggs and bacon to Denny's?

jeff_mn 05-23-2011 1:33 PM

Been laughing for a week at "I can hold a dozen dimes"

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