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johnboyy7 05-11-2011 11:11 AM

looking for walker signature
looking for a james walker signature model. im fine with a used.

what are the differences in his boards. ex. signature and the f-18?

dennish 05-11-2011 1:30 PM

The F18 is a beginner to intermediate board. The Signature has a more aggressive shape and rocker. It is quicker rail to rail and drives out of turns to generate the speed needed for getting air.

sailing216 05-12-2011 8:14 AM

Not sure if I'd say the F18 is beginner in any way, I know intermediates that have a hard time riding it but running aggressive fins (3/2/1 scim). Between it and my jwsm, the F18 is more forgiving and a tad slower, less aggressive (same fins). Both are very advanced boards and a blast. Very weight sensitive, so the guidlines are pretty good.

lakesurfer 05-12-2011 10:00 AM

Just my 2 cents:

the JWSM is very sensitive to weight (at least the one I had was) and work to ride. I really like my Flyboy and Towanza Ruthless (also made by TWP for Towanza) much better. All are great boards but these two are much more foregiving (Flyboy is lighter and Ruthless is heavier).

johnboyy7 05-12-2011 12:48 PM

how big are yall and what length boards are you riding now?

i ride a 4'2'' LF custom. im 5'10'', 185.

im looking for a board that is a bit more aggressive so i can get speed to jump but also small enough that i can control it and be able to cut, shred it.

is there another board that is comparable to the JWSM? like rides the same?

lakesurfer 05-12-2011 3:18 PM

I am 5'7" , 155lbs. The best board I have ridden is the Fly Boy by far (i did have a JWSM for 3 mos). I am sure the JWSM is great but it just not the board for me.

FYI - the guy that built the Fly Boy is the guy that the JWSM is named after

johnboyy7 05-13-2011 1:58 PM

so the flyboy and JWSM are different, correct?
what is the difference in the boards?
it looks like you cant buy flyboy right now.

wakemitch 05-13-2011 3:03 PM

The Walker Project Signature and the James Walker Flyboy by Inland Surfer are definitely different. the construction of the boards is totally different. The Flyboy is a sandwich construction making it way lighter and strong. Also the shapes are different: rocker, outline, rail shape, thickness, ect.

johnboyy7 05-14-2011 2:36 PM

i wish i had a way to demo them. im having trouble in houston finding places that carry "high end" surf boards. or i wish i knew some guys around that had them i could go out with. hint hint

wakemitch 05-14-2011 3:42 PM

John, fly out to California and come to the West Coast Wakesurf Open and try out everything ;)
There are people coming from as far as Vermont and Florida

But yeah, it is definitely to just see pictures and read manufactures generic descriptions that all say "fast, lightweight, best board EVER!" and make a decision on boards that cost as much as they do. Luckily there are discussion boards like this where people can give their real life experience about boards and other equipment.

Woody 05-14-2011 5:22 PM

Inland still doesn't have James board listed for sale. Does anybody know when it's going to be available and how much it will cost?

wakemitch 05-14-2011 5:42 PM

James' board will be between $799 and $899.

johnboyy7 05-16-2011 8:41 AM

will the IS version be the same as the flyboy version?

surfdad 05-16-2011 9:09 AM

I got an email from Jeff P, he and Lance were at the factory, I THINK, last week and reported that the production of James' board is rolling along. I will have one of the final production boards this week and most likely will have it over at the CMS tent/area during the Supreme/CMS West Coat Wakesurf Open for folks that would like to take a look. Jeff P also indicated that he will have a bunch of the boards shipped air, so they should be at retailers within a few weeks.

Mitch talked about the Keenan model in a separate thread, that board uses the same construction as James model. The weight, of the James' IS Flyboy model with traction and fins should be right at 5 pounds +/- maybe 3 oz for normal manufacturing variances. This is the same as weight as the original Flyboy.

The construction of the the IS Flyboy division model and the original FlyBoy Wakesurf board will be identical with some minor exceptions. That is, composite sandwich with carbon fiber wrapped rails. One difference is between metric and US measure. So while the original FlyBoy used 1/8" thick high density structural foam for the external sandwich layer, the IS Flyboy will use 3mm thick HDSF skins. The difference is something stupid like 2/1000'ths. So in that area, there is no material difference.

Graphics are different.

Traction between the two boards is different, IS uses it's own traction across the various boards.

The only appreciable difference will be in the fin boxes. All dimensions, angles, size, shape, positioning and basic material are the same between both boards, but IS uses the mini-tuttle boxes, whereas the original FlyBoy used Futures boxes. The fins used in James model will interchange with all IS models that use the mini-tuttles to give them toe-in and cant, previously unavailable in IS boards.

When I get the production board this week, I'll post top and bottom pictures.

surfdad 05-17-2011 6:54 AM

3 Attachment(s)
I swiped these pictures from Jeff P's Facebook album. I also got the Fedex tracking email yesterday, so one is on the way to us, as of yesterday.

johnboyy7 05-17-2011 9:46 AM

cool. thanks. i hope one is coming to the houston area. i really want to try it out.

surfdad 05-18-2011 8:31 PM

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I got the production board today and took a few pictures, then also took some pictures comparing it to an original FlyBoy Wakesurf board. The original FlyBoy was spec'ed to weigh 5 pounds with fins and traction, they varied between 5 lbs even and 5 lbs 8 oz. The Inland Surfer Flyboy Division board weighs in at 5 pounds 7.3 oz. Mark Sher has told me that after the first two or so off the assemble line, they'll drop a little bit of weight, but it's consistent with the original FlyBoy Wakesurf boards weight.

If I get it in sequence right, you should see an Original Flyboy, the scale reading at 4 pounds 10 oz, which is without fins, but includes traction and then the Inland Surfer Flyboy Division board at 4 pounds 15 oz again sans fins but with traction.

surfdad 05-18-2011 8:33 PM

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The original FlyBoy Wakesurf boards used Futures fins and I took a crappy picture, but they weigh 8.4 oz, the Inland Surfer speedline fins weigh 8.7 oz

surfdad 05-18-2011 8:36 PM

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I use this rocker bed to make all the prototypes from which the original FlyBoy Wakesurf Boards were model and you can see the rocker matches up. The single concave is the most aggressive that Inland has ever produced.

surfdad 05-18-2011 8:37 PM

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Lastly some pictures going around the board.

taft 05-19-2011 1:00 AM

Would this board work for 200+ pound riders? And not just be okay. Could a 200+ pounder rip on it?

surfdad 05-19-2011 9:14 AM

I'm at 200. I'm not sure that I would say I rip, but I'll get a chance to ride the board and post some pictures so that you can compare our wake and the way I ride to see if it fits in with your idea of "ripping".

taft 05-19-2011 9:33 AM

I guess the thing is my brother is slightly over 200. I'm 185. We want to get a great board for us both to use. I was planning on going with the TWP Signature, thinking the Flyboy may have us both at the upper range of the weight limit on that board. I have an older Hazen model Shredstixx board and I am too heavy to really use it as intended. I don't want that to happen again, to either me or my brother.

surfdad 05-19-2011 10:13 AM

Yeah I hear you. I'd think your brother at slightly over 200 is probably pushing it for this board, you'd do fine though. I'd have to recommend that you look for something bigger so that you both can ride it, well.

taft 05-19-2011 7:36 PM

Thanks Jeff, appreciate the honesty.

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