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stxr_racer 05-05-2011 5:08 AM

Stereo gurus please help!
Firstly my understanding of sound systems and associated terminology is very basic so please go easy on me:-) As I often do I jumped into my 08 210 today to pump up the sounds and enjoy some of my favorite tunes from the factory Clarion & Polk audio setup. Since day one the system sounded great to me and has performed flawlessly.....until now that is:-( The sound emitting from the cockpit and tower speakers at low volume was ok, distorted at mid volume and unbearable at a higher volume. What would cause this to happen so suddenly (incorrect amp settings, blown amp(s), speakers or faulty head unit/connections??) Also what are crossovers and how do you set these up correctly? Any help is greatly appreciated!

scottymc261 05-08-2011 1:03 PM

What source are you listing too? does it sound distorted on all sources?
My bet is you where listing to you iPod or some external device that you had too too hot. Turn that down.

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