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skongolf 05-03-2011 1:51 PM

Picking up 2001 X-30 this weekend
So we are making a long drive this weekend to pick up (hopefully) a 2001 X-30 that we are getting a great deal on. At least I think it is a great deal after about a year of research and watching prices of used boats. But I was wondering if there was anything in particular to look for. I read about some of the issues with ballast pumps on here and will deffinately check those out. The boat only has 265 hours and has all service records so it seems like it should be a pretty easy deal, but anything i should give a once or twice over to would be appreciated.

Jeff 05-03-2011 2:11 PM

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I have an '00 MariStar 230 which is pretty much the same boat but without factory tower and ballast.

I believe that your engine options for 2001 were still both 5.7L GMs. One will be the TBI which IIRC is 310 HP and has a small round spark arrestor on the top. The other is the LTR which is 330 HP with a large cast aluminum intake plenum on top. The LTR is obviously more desirable for its additional 20 HP. I'm more familiar with the LTR since that's what mine has.

On the LTR there was a recall for alternator bracket failure. If you don't have a bracket on the front of the alternator (Rear of the boat) like this:
then the recall service has not been done. The recall is no longer in effect but part is like $12 at this point and easy to install yourself. I'm going through this right now on mine. The recall had not been addressed and my alternator broke off 2 weekends ago.

There was also a recall on the monoleaf trailer springs which I think affected 2001 year model trailers too. This one is still in effect on all monoleaf MasterCraft trailers so you can get the springs replaced with a traditional multi-leaf pack for free if it hasn't already been taken care of since it's a major safety issue. The monoleaves were breaking off. I had mine done last year shortly after buying the boat.

You will have a Hurth V-drive/transmission combined unit rather than a separate v-drive and transmissions like a lot of V-drive boats have. It will likely be labeled for ATF but don't be alarmed if you find 15w40 motor oil in there. See the attached service advisory from Indmar. I opted to switch to 15w40 and it did make it a bit quieter.

I'm sure I'll think of a few other things.

skongolf 05-04-2011 5:06 PM

Anything else? I guess it is good to see not a whole lot of negatives.

Jeff 05-04-2011 7:59 PM

Here are a couple of other things that have come to mind:
My transmission cooler lines started leaking around the crimped on fittings when I started to put some hours on the engine. The rubber being 10+ years old hardened and started to recede back allowing oil to get around the crimped part. OEM replacements were available for $85 shipped but I wanted to get the boat back on the water so I had a pair of hoses made up at NAPA for about $65. They fit fine but they leak through the threads no matter how tight I make them. So, now I'm probably going to have to spend the $85 anyway. This is apparently common so watch for it and if you see oil seeping out I'd go ahead and get them from MasterCraft.

My exhaust risers are leaking water where they attach to the manifolds. If yours are leaking you will likely see mineral deposit stains or rusty stains running down the sides of the manifolds. I haven't fixed mine yet but the gaskets are about $5 each.

Both of these items I'd imagine are pretty much common among anything that's 10 years old with seals and rubber hoses.

bass10after 06-12-2012 10:25 AM

Does anyone know the part# for that alternator bracket? i just purchased a 230v and it doesn't have this bracket installed. Also does anyone know more about the mono leaf spring recall? I just called my dealership and they said that the leaf spring had to break before they'd replace it, which defy's all logic to me beings its so dangerous. thanks

EnderWiggin 06-12-2012 8:11 PM

I too am curious about the leaf springs. I have a 2000 230VRS with the new springs (post-recall), but they've started to sag a bit so I'm having trouble getting in and out of the driveway (dragging the cage). I'm hoping replacements will prop it up an inch or two to help this issue. Are these particular units something that a guy has to get from a dealer or are leaf springs leaf springs?

mendo247 06-12-2012 9:03 PM

Nice boats. Ballast pump issues as mentioned. They tend to handle like a tank though. Id take some time and practice loading and unloading while the ramp area is clear.

bass10after 06-13-2012 11:21 AM

chris, i believe leaf springs are leaf springs, i'd like for mastercraft to pick up the bill beings it was recalled for a reason. So far im happy with mine. The transmission has a metal on metal rattle rattle at idle in gear but goes away with as soon as rpms get to 600-700.. still trying to figure out if this is normal or not as many people on the mc forums have had similar issues. Id rather error on the side of caution though so im tracking down a mechanic to look at it

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