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polarbill 05-03-2011 10:48 AM

Bend Golf advice
I am heading to a friends Bach party in Bend, Or in a couple of weeks and we are planning on golfing Friday and Saturday. What are some decent courses that aren't going to break the bank. Most of us are decent weekend warrior golfers. Play from the whites or if a really short course from the blues. Def not the tips though. Most guys shoot anywhere from the low 80's to mid 90's. We are staying in town or right outside so something close to the actual town would be nice. I am thinking something for under $50 a round is what most of us are going to want to spend since these will be the first rounds of the year. It might be nice to try a cheaper course on Friday and a little nicer/challenging one on Saturday.

Anybody got any hookups at golf courses in Bend as well. We will have 13 guys in bend so we would need 2 or 3 tee times each day depending on who golfs.

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