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buluver 05-02-2011 4:54 PM

Looking for a third @castaic 5/3 or 5/4
Looking for a third for Tuesday or Wednesday morning. If able give me a call 805-990-6286. Thanks.

aces6692 05-02-2011 8:22 PM

i might be able to go wednesday morning. not for sure yet though. i'll give you a call tomorrow if i can. i live right up the street from the lake. im good for gas, towing, clean up, etc.

glassywater09 05-03-2011 9:06 PM

Jenn, did not hear from you today so jumping in another boat that needed a 3rd. Catch you another time. Thnx


aces6692 05-04-2011 2:08 PM

Sorry I wasn't able to make it, or call you. Send me a text next time you're gonna go out I'm always looking for a pull! Like I said good for gas towing and help with anything else you need. My names Ryan 661-312-2300.

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