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tantrum999 08-16-2003 12:17 PM

does anyone know if perfect pass with weight in the boat will work for wakeboarding? i hit the wake without it and its like hitting a blamanche! <BR>the boat is carbeuretter gas conversion. please help

mikeski 08-16-2003 9:55 PM

The perfect pass will work with almost anyboat with an electonic tachometer and throttle cable if you are creative.

tantrum999 08-17-2003 12:18 AM

Tanks mike. i think so too . i am getting as much feedback as possible because the club that i am in wont spend the money unless its certain that it will. there is a 1000lbs of water in the boat and thats why they are questioning it. They bought the accuski system which does not work! our lake is small and has algae so the peto tubes are always blocked, accuski didnt want to know. bad after sales service.

mikeski 08-17-2003 10:22 PM

you are running more weight than I have. I prefer using rpm based control for my perfect pass. I just take off and run 300-400 past the setpoint and let the pp back the speed down. It settles in pretty solid. The pitot tube systems never worked very well, that is why they came up with the paddle. Can you run the accuski in rpm mode? The issue is whether you are planing or not. If you are on plane the prop will slip less making the boat go faster at the same rpm. That is why I go a little faster than come back down. Boats plane at about 15 mph unweighted, faster when you add weight. If you are running 1000lbs and want to go 16 mph it will be difficult for the speed control to do it's job. Over 20 mph you shouldn't have too much trouble. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by mikeski on August 17, 2003)

tantrum999 08-18-2003 6:07 AM

Thanks mike. i ride about 22mph but at each end of the lake accuski just comes straight off the plane in revv mode also on a hard cut it doesnt compensate enough. when i contacted accucki they said simply but the revvs up round the turn and then put it back down, its impossible because theres no time! the system stinks, if you manually put the revvs up then it just goes into overdrive error ans have to go into neutral to reset. perfect pass runs on speed which is realy what i want because on bigger tricks i cut hard and we have heavy riders also at the club. speed mode worked ok but kept going into error because our lake is like pea soup and the tubes block all the time.

lucky 08-18-2003 7:41 AM

I have one in my '82 running about 1200 lbs. It works great. No Worries!

tantrum999 08-18-2003 3:05 PM

Greg do you use it in speed or revv on p pass?

lucky 08-19-2003 2:17 PM

It is connected to the RPM's 1:1 ratio makes it easy.

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