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pesos 04-28-2011 11:10 AM

you guys remember this one?
he settled for 1.9 mil


fly135 04-28-2011 11:13 AM

Good for him.

depswa 04-28-2011 12:29 PM

Don't Tase me Bro!

psudy 04-28-2011 12:34 PM

I Have to agree with JA on this one. It was a litte crazy.

brettw 04-28-2011 12:37 PM

I'd take a good taze for $1.9 million. Where do I sign up?

psudy 04-28-2011 1:41 PM

Hell I'd take one for a grand.

fly135 04-28-2011 2:03 PM

Hopefully the award was to discourage police from coming into your home without a warrent and abducting you against your will.

hatepain 04-28-2011 3:01 PM

Holy monkey that was a crazy one. That was NOT a frivolous law suit.

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