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jpk 04-27-2011 3:27 PM

Looking for thirds - Las Vegas (Lake Mead)
Going to have my Malibu on the water next week and want to get in a couple days of riding. Will be wakeboarding, wakesurfing, or wakeskating as long as it isn't windy.

liquid119 04-28-2011 1:51 PM

Hello JPK,

My name is Josh and I moved to vegas last august. I am dying to get back out into the water soon(once I get my gear here). I am a certified driver and drove for the American wakesurf association tournaments so I know my way around a boat. Trying to transition into wakesurfing from boarding, a little easier on my body. If you ever need a third I can make time.

jpk 05-03-2011 10:20 PM

PM sent

sdgarfield 05-05-2011 4:52 PM

Hey man, I'm going to be home this weekend (Henderson) if you are still looking for a third I've got money and refreshments! Let me know if you have a spot open.

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