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madriding1 04-25-2011 8:02 AM

New Wakeboarder
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We just had our first baby.
Lily Sunshine Riding
She was born April 16th
8 pounds 7 ozs.
21 Inches

Both mom and baby are doing great.. I just wanted to share.

Thanks Mike

eubanks01 04-25-2011 8:23 AM

Congrats Mike! Nothing like having a baby girl.

madriding1 04-25-2011 8:41 AM

She is truly a wonderful joy in our lives.. Thanks

digg311 04-25-2011 10:50 AM

Welcome to the world, Lily! Congrats to you and your fam, Mike!!

fly135 04-25-2011 11:19 AM


bruizza 04-25-2011 12:22 PM


jonblarc7 04-25-2011 5:10 PM


wakereviews 04-26-2011 7:36 AM

Congrats, Lily Riding, sounds like a perfect pro wakeboarder name!

madriding1 04-26-2011 7:43 AM

Thanks for all the nice responses. I cant wait to get her out on the lake this summer.

beretta5spd 05-02-2011 2:05 PM

ya man congrats!

I am pumped my first baby is due any day now!!

This thread is awesome :D

madriding1 05-02-2011 2:19 PM

That is awesome Dwight.. Congrats to you too!!

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