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mnwakerider 04-21-2011 1:16 PM

Make Forums button on header a link again
I hate having to go throught he drop down menus on the header. All of the other sections (ie classifieds events, community, etc) are links that take you to the larger landing page. Please allow Forums to do this as well.

carcrz 04-21-2011 7:29 PM


jv210 04-22-2011 7:18 PM

+ 10000000

It's a link everywhere else on the site once you get past the main page. John, for me on all browser none of them are links on the main page. Once you get past the main page they all turn into links again.

The drop downs suck because they dont really work. It's hit or miss if I get the actual dropdown for the forums. The dropdown is usually for whatever section my pointer touches first.

For the life of me I cant figure out why they would change that. I think is was this way in the beginning and then it went to a link. Now it's back this way.

wakeworld 04-24-2011 8:15 PM

Not sure how that happened, but it's definitely a bug that we will get fixed. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

wakeworld 04-25-2011 1:00 PM

All fixed up. Sorry about that!

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