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wswb4lfe 04-19-2011 7:02 PM

Used smartphones
Hey i was just curious how many of you have purchased a used phone off of ebay. Did you guys get good results from ordering a phone off of ebay, or were you unsatisfied?

dabell 04-20-2011 6:36 AM

My co-worker has purchased a few phones off ebay with great success. Just make sure their approval rating is high and they have 300+ feedbacks reported. After that, I think you should be good to go.

mnwakerider 04-21-2011 8:28 PM

I have actually bought four iPhones on Craigslist. 2 Originial iphone three years ago and then 3G's for me and the wife over the past year and a half. Only felt sketchy once when the guys gave me a wierd vibe. I guess I am a little on the lucky side, but the prices on craigslist are much cheaper than that of eBay.

What kind of phone are you looking for? I have a 3G and a original iPhone that are not being used and could let one of them go. Shoot me a PM if you want them.

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