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lakesurfer 04-19-2011 6:24 PM

Sub suggestions
So I currently have a WS XXX pushed by a Syn1. The sub hits hard, but one of the things I dont like about it is that it does not seem keep up with faster paced bass. I was thinking about swapping it out with either 2 10" subs or a different 12" sub that would keep up better. I am not a stereo guy so any suggests or changes to my set up would be appreciated.

FYI - I am not trying to be the loudest boat at party cove. The system is generally played while surfing/swimming with kids.

Current System
4xPro 60
Syn 2

8xPolk db651
Syn 4

WS 420

david_e_m 04-19-2011 6:51 PM

Don't write that sub off until we talk. I'd like to personally look it over. There is alot that can impact a subwoofer's performance including the enclosure type, location, orientation and tuning, just for starters.

Earmark Marine

liljohn 04-19-2011 7:11 PM

Sounds like an install issue. You should talk to Tim @wetsounds and your installer about doing it right. I am not a wetsounds fan but that sub will get the job done when set up correctly.

h20king 04-19-2011 7:29 PM

lake I'm interested if your selling......................H

lakesurfer 04-20-2011 8:19 AM


Originally Posted by h20king (Post 1673245)
lake I'm interested if your selling......................H

H - I dont think I would be getting rid of the XXX. I was think more of adding a smaller sub in the ski locker and going with WS 650 in the boat. Who know, maybe I just need to quit looking at all of the stereo upgrades and just get out on the lake:)

In any event, going to take it by Earmark to let Dave take a listen since he is 10min from the house.

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