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factorykitted 04-19-2011 11:33 AM

Surfin RZR
Who here has experience with surfing one of these? Which side is better - Port side or Starboard? How much weight are you running - details? I might have a chance to surf one today and want to help dial it in.


dennish 04-19-2011 1:10 PM

Same boat as an RZ2 I think. If so great wake on either side. Likes weight up front and as much as you can ( 1400 or so) in the back and side you are surfing on.

surffresh 04-19-2011 6:07 PM

plus Robert...hahaha

dennish 04-19-2011 9:44 PM

That includes Robert.

factorykitted 04-20-2011 10:10 AM

how much ballast do these come with stock? It had soft sacs from the factory - horseshoe under the bow seats and two small sacs in port/starboard lockers. Owner claims 1600 lbs total. The rear couldnt be anything over 300 lbs by the looks of it.

port side wave ok - not very long but it was clean. starboard was not great due to prop rotation. We ran full front and which ever rear full we were surfing - plus 5 people on the side we were surfing.

im coming from my 23 LSV with 3000 lbs in it so i know this really isnt a fair match up.

leboeuf45 04-20-2011 4:45 PM

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It has the surf ballast which is the bigges that comes from the factory on a rzr. Also it is official it throws a ****ty goofy wave.

scottymc261 04-24-2011 3:29 PM

Brian, the rear ballast has a hard tank that fills up first under the floor, then the bag you see fills up so that is why it only looks like 300.

leboeuf45 04-27-2011 11:44 AM

so my boat is at the dealership getting a few kinks out, while i was there i decided to have them add a1000lb enzo sac to it. Ill post some pics if the wave once in use!

duffymahoney 04-27-2011 11:57 AM

Are the 400 pound dual bow ballast bags or tanks?

leboeuf45 04-27-2011 1:07 PM

Neither, it one single bag.

duffymahoney 04-27-2011 1:39 PM

The pro says 2 400 pound tanks or sacs from the picture.

Elite95 04-27-2011 2:31 PM


Originally Posted by duffymahoney (Post 1675055)
Are the 400 pound dual bow ballast bags or tanks?

Hi Duffy, according to their website the Pro System has 2 400# bags in the bow.


duffymahoney 04-27-2011 3:07 PM

Hmm, now I just need to find out what bag they are using!

leboeuf45 04-27-2011 4:39 PM

Its a rzr, the biggest they offer is the surf 1600lb system.

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