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04-18-2011 12:33 PM

Editing HD, minimum system requirements?
Hi All,

Just got an HD camcorder and GoPro and started editing some of the first footage we got this last weekend. My computer is old and isn't doing too well. I've been looking at getting a new laptop anyway so was just curious what system requirements I should be paying attention to to make sure it'll do the job.

It doesn't need to be blazing fast, just need to be able to view and edit the clips. I'm assuming most of this has to do with RAM and processing speed? I will be buying a PC so no Apple recommendations please. I know they are awesome for editing, but at the end of the day this computer will be used for work mostly. I'm just looking for the bare minimum so I can put together some really basic edits. Thanks in advance!

nauty 04-18-2011 1:38 PM

I am by no means a computer expert, but I ran into the same issues editing RAW photos with photoshop. I upgraded to a quad core processor with 6 gb of RAM. This did the trick and my system is lighting fast. However, I would say this is the minimum you need as quad cores are quickly becoming outdated by 6 core processors and i7 processors, etc. I also wouldn't go with a laptop because to get the same processing power in a laptop it will be quite a bit more expensive than a desk top with the same power.

I've seen some quad core desk tops go for under $400 on Slickdeals.net as well as a 6 core for under $500.

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