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07-28-2001 8:18 PM

I'm kinda new to wakeboarding, and I've noticed all different kinds of lines. Is there a certain kind that is best. What kind of line will give the best launch when you load the line. I'm currently using an Advantage Outrage wakeboard line and handle that I bought from the company on the internet.

07-31-2001 5:40 PM

Mick, just look for a low-stretch or no-stretch rope. The thinner and ligher, the better. Yellow Jacket from Accurate is a really good one, but there are many others that will do just as well. Look for a line that has the built-in take-up loops in it. You don't want to hassle with the old style where you "untie" the take-off sections. Try to get a 75' line if you can.

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