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inadrummer 08-15-2003 9:26 PM

any tips on doing a 360?? <BR> <BR>i can do 180s sometimes, and every time i go to try doing a 360, i dont have enough guts unless we slow the boat right down..... which at slower speeds i dont get any height. i will feel more comfortable trying 3's if i had some tips from people who can do them.

inadrummer 08-15-2003 9:31 PM

pardon my french, my last sentence switched tenses twice lol <BR> <BR>hjopefully there are no english teachers on this board

blabel 08-18-2003 9:46 PM

" i can do 180s sometimes......" <BR> <BR>There's your biggest problem. I wouldn't even think about trying a 360 until you have the 180's down solid. It's a night and day difference between the two. It's my opinion that you should spare yourself the frustration and keep working on the 180's.

kristian 08-19-2003 8:26 AM

As Blabel said, if I learn 180's solid before 360's I think I would of had a much easier time. <BR>So learn 180's well first (with grabs, etc.) Also, if you have a trampoline around that will help a bit.

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