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ers906 04-14-2011 10:16 PM

Surf Tabs
Has anyone used the new surf tabs on the Mastercraft surf series? It looks like they are only trim tabs which could be added aftermarket. Has anyone performed an aftermarket upgrade? Just trying to get the best wake for my SAN210. Any suggesstions?

ilikebeaverandboats 04-14-2011 10:59 PM

from what ive heard, they really do a crappy job for surfing. just add a ton of weight and youll be better off, will be cheaper, and way more tuneable wave as well!

duffymahoney 04-15-2011 9:10 AM

I actually bought a set to put these on my avalanche and because so many people hate them decided not to. Ask over at planetnautique.com I know you can get a good wave out of it with enough weight.

peettee79 04-16-2011 6:49 PM

I retro fitted a set to my X2,
they do sculpt the wave, but very little effect.

I deploy the oppisite side that we are surfing about 60-80% to lengthen the zone.

If I had my time again I wouldnt bother.

green210 05-29-2011 3:10 PM

The 210 throws a huge wake. You just need to weight it correctly. It depends how much you want the bigest wave. We wanted a huge wave really badly so now we have an enzo sac and the wieght in our boat is close to doubled the recomended maximum weight.

johnboyy7 05-29-2011 8:25 PM

in my 04 210. 200lb lead under bow cushion. 440 sac on bow seats, center hard tank full, 300lb sac in observer seat, 440lb sac on gunnel seat, 750 in locker. it throws a prettty good wave. also thats with only 2 poeple in the boat.

Bumpass1 05-29-2011 8:47 PM

Where do you guys find lead at? I don't know where to look for it.
Sorry to hijack

johnboyy7 05-29-2011 10:51 PM

i have a buddy that bought 2 97lb kettle bells that he doesnt use anymore. and i made 2 50lb weights outta steel.

taft 05-30-2011 12:52 AM

Check out this link:


I bought 500 pounds of weight from them. It isn't lead, but steel shot. The bags are great, they are super sturdy and conform easily due to the steel shot. It will take up more room than the equivalent weight in lead, but is still compact. I am really happy with these, so I'd definitely recommend them. Plus, shipping was a breeze. In total it was $500 for 500 pounds, shipped.

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