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Bumpass1 04-14-2011 1:56 PM

Custom Numbers Options
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Need to get my numbers. I think I am going to use domednumbers.com because they say that they can match the logos on the boat. The question I have is which set should I go with, the main Supra logo style or the chrome Launch 21V style.

Thanks for your input.


mallenger 04-14-2011 3:01 PM

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this is what I did with my 21v.

mallenger 04-14-2011 3:04 PM

And this is where I got them, if interested.

RedRum 04-14-2011 8:01 PM

I say go with the chrome 'Launch' style. That way it will balance the color scheme out.

tyler97217 04-14-2011 9:50 PM

I do 3dlettering.com every year. Cheap, fast and have the supra font or close anyway. Nothing but good things to say and have used them many times.....

jdoggy_73 04-14-2011 9:59 PM

+1 for 3dlettering


jonblarc7 04-15-2011 6:39 AM

I used 3Dlettering too they have great customer support.

jrw160 04-15-2011 8:23 AM

I used 3dlettering via ebay a couple of weeks ago. I ordered the wrong color and they exchanged my order for the correct color. I just had to pay return shipping to them.

mallenger 04-15-2011 12:28 PM

the link I posted was also 3d lettering via Ebay... so it looks like the decision is going to be easy

silvermustang35 04-15-2011 3:37 PM

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I also used 3d lettering on ebay. Called them up and then sent em a pic of the boats lettering and they matched up closest they had to it. I am extremely happy how it turned out. The picture doesnt do it justice but its got a chrome outer with black inner. Their customer support is great. Highly recommend them.

Bumpass1 04-15-2011 4:56 PM

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Wow, everyone loves 3dlettering. Got the proofs back from domednumbers.com today and I must say that I am pretty impressed with the way they look. I think they are spot on with the main Supra logo.

Let me know what you think.

Bumpass1 04-15-2011 4:58 PM

Greg - How do you like that Ronix boat? I got the same one back in Feb but way too cold to try it yet.

wakebrdjay 04-15-2011 5:00 PM

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Here's mine from domednumbers.com

wakebrdjay 04-15-2011 5:06 PM

They sent me a few sets of different font proofs,top notch service.The second one looks good.They did one to match the Supreme on the side of my boat,it looked great,but I thought I would catch grief from the CG and Ohio watercraft guys so I went with what I posted.

jrw160 04-15-2011 8:29 PM

I have several friends who got great results from domed numbers. I was planning on using them. I actually emailed them first, but they didn't respond for 5 or 6 days. By that time I had already ordered some from 3dlettering. I got a warning the first day out on the boat for not having registration lettering, so I had to go to walmart to get some mailbox lettering. Those things looked awful, so I was in a hurry to get them off.

jonblarc7 04-16-2011 10:04 AM

Jamie I think they look spot on.

h20king 04-18-2011 4:35 PM

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another one for domednumbers.com

Bumpass1 04-18-2011 5:10 PM

Going with the textured. If you have to have the numbers, might as well make them look as close to factory as possible. I'll post pictures once they are on.

epic1 04-18-2011 7:19 PM

My boat had reflective mailbox letters on it. It also had 8 years of Colorado Regeristration stickers. Looked Like Crap. Got some plain Blue Vinyl Letters from Bass Pro shop for $8. Match the blue on my boat, and looks so much better. Worked for my budget. And Those Bad azz letters you all have would really make the rest of my boat look bad. But some day. Now I have 8 of each letter, and number left over. Not sure what to do with them.

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