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cadunkle 04-14-2011 8:09 AM

Craigslist sellers not serious abotu selling?
I ran some numbers a couple weeks ago on gas costs and such to drive my truck every day. Last time I did the numbers it would be a break even with insurance cost to drive an econobox. Numbers changed and if gas stays high I can save a couple thousand a year in gas by only using the truck to pull the boat and for 2-3 months over winter. So I'm in the market for a fun little econobox.

I use Craigslist heavily when looking for anything. I've had great success buying cars/trucks/boats and misc other items like tools and such. Thing is I find so many ads these days with no phone number, and relatively little information... Like not even saying what engine and transmission, or much about general condition. Then some ramble on about only serious buyers, no tire kickers.

I've sent out about 10-15 emails in the past week, with questions, request for more pictures, and including my phone number. Less than half responded, and some were to say the car is sold. To which I flag the post and ask them to remove it. The ones that are more than an hours drive away typically don't have pictures, or don't want to take more pictures and say "Come have a look at it any time". Yeah, if it wasn't a few hours drive each direction I'd come have a look on a whim, but I'm not going to waste a whole day and a bunch of gas to go look at something that I have no idea of the condition.

It irritates me as when I go to look at something I show up with cash in hand. If it checks out and I like it, done deal. I don't waste people's time as I dislike it when people waste my time. When I sell something I put a general description/summary, list of good and bad points, good quality pictures showing everything, phone contact info, etc. The only reason I should be getting a call is is to set up a time to come have a look at what I'm selling.

I'm getting frustrated with my search. It seems sellers aren't serious these days compared to the last few times I've bought vehicles on CL. Anyone else have this problem or maybe it's a regional thing? Perhaps this should go on the rants & raves section of CL.

sidekicknicholas 04-14-2011 8:22 AM

I maybe one you hate...

I posted are boat for sale (lots of pics though - and replied to everyone) but was only interested in selling if we found a suitable replacement boat.... which we haven't - so most of the calls/emails I had to tell the people - don't come look at it, yet..... but if we find in I'll call you.

I just wanted to see what we could get for it and see how much activity their would be - if we found a new one.

pierce_bronkite 04-14-2011 8:40 AM

Craiglist ads are the worst. The typical Craiglist ad contains the worst possible pictures ever. Usually they are small pixelated pictures of the listed item stuffed in the corner of a dark garage. Can't usually tell if they are speaking English since the spelling and grammar is all over the place. They also leave out all of the important information, for example year of the car, bike, boat, etc.

The worst is when I see an ad I am interested in and the seller says something like, "Too many options to list" or "Dont have time to upload a picture." WTF?! :mad:

grant_west 04-14-2011 8:45 AM

I feel ya on the Non Seller's Craig's List

Im looking for a Hobie Kayak w/ marage drives. I look 2 or 3 times a week. There always seems to be a Add that pop's up and the discription and price is right but I never get a return call or e-mail.

I can understand if the add is a week or so old and people don't want to waste time to reply to tell you the item is sold. But I have sent a e-mail to many adds just a few min's old so I know they cant be sold.

Why are people posting with NO intention of selling???? I was begining to think people would list Items they were thinking of steeling to see what kind of interst and price they could offer them for??

fly135 04-14-2011 9:01 AM

Seeing as how the ads are free, people don't have to be as serious. If you don't get any replies to your emails it may be your email provider. If I use Hotmail to post an ad or reply to CL anonymous addresses it won't go through and I get no error response. I just happened to figure it out.

I've had good luck with a lot of buying and selling on CL.

jv210 04-14-2011 9:07 AM

Man I got the same problem with craigslist recently. In one case I spent 2 months trying to buy a trampoline and probably only got a few responses back after sending out maybe 20 or so. Of those the sellers made it so hard to actually meet up with them to actually buy the product. Whats the point of listing your item if you don't respond to emails and only have an 1hour widow everyday for a buyer to come buy it, it's like your inconveniencing them. It's only a 100 or so dollars but come on. Needless to say I still haven't bought a tramp.

Just last week I was trying to buy fence boards from a guy on there and the ad said to call or email. Called both numbers and left emails with no response for a week, WTF the point. Finally got back to me and we met up, but the product was so far from what the description said I didn't buy them. Seller was pissed I wasted his time on a Sunday, but all he had to do was put in his ad that they were all reject boards and I would have never wasted my time and his.

I sold a good amount of things on craigslist and never had a problem, but buying is a whole other situation.

Shooter 04-14-2011 3:07 PM

This goes both ways. I have listed items and get nothing but flakes. I try to post a good description and photos, but never list a phone number. I normally respond to emails only with information on how to see the item or buy it..A long distance big dollar item is a little different, but if you're not interested enough to come see it, you are probably going to waist my time in the long run.

Thrall 04-15-2011 12:32 PM

I hear ya. I missed out on a sweet MC 205V a couple years ago because the dbag never checked his email and didn't include a phone # in his add. After several emails to him over the course of 2-3weeks, he calls me right after I sent yet another email. He says you are too late. I just sold it to someone yesterday, he was the first person to come look at it and he bought it on the spot!
I was so effing pissed! Told him I had been emailing him for 3 weeks with no response from him and no d@mn phone number to call him. His response was "Yeah I don't check my email that often."
It was a '02 205V, 120hrs, ND tower, bimini, cover, ballast, tandem trailer, etc. The whole setup was like brand new and he was asking $21500 for it! No wonder the first person bought it on the spot!:mad:

wakeboardertj 04-15-2011 1:56 PM

Craigslist is filled with scammers. My sister inlaw just sold her car on CL, the next day it was back up for more money and listed with way less miles.... someone is about to be sorry

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