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DerrickW 04-13-2011 6:39 PM

Salt Lake City, UT
Hey wakeworlders,

Been frequenting this site and wakeboarder.com for years. Anyway, I just moved here to Salt Lake City and I'm looking for some people to ride with as soon as it warms up a little! I've met a guy named Victor who I might do some riding with at Powell this summer, but heard he might be moving.
About me: 26, been riding for many years, not a pro but can do many intermediate spins/inverts, lived in Orlando florida for 8 years. At one point I even gave lessons. I grew up around boats, driving, trailer-ing, the whole bit is very comfortable to me. In other words, I think I'd make a pretty nice asset to the boat...lol.
Anyway, I'm looking for some cool people to ride with. I can drive, pitch in for beer, gas, food, whatever. Anymore I could care less about how cool the sport is, what gear/boat looks the coolest, what the pros are doing, new products, yada yada. Give me a warm day, a nice wake, flat water, some good company to ride with, and maybe even some good tunes, and that's what it's all about for me.

I'm also looking for people who want to go up to brighton wednesday or tuesday nights (half price) for some spring snowboarding.
Anyway send me a private message or email, and hopefully we can ride.

ryan_shima1 04-13-2011 7:43 PM

Hey Derrick,
Welcome to SLC! Check out the Northern UT thread just below, that's were most of the SLC discussion is going on.

I live up in Layton and mainly ride at Willard Bay. I have a Supra 22ssv. Been riding since 94', advanced level rider, but like you, enjoy a great day on the water with good company and riding conditions.

You'll find several on the thread that are regulars so you shouldn't have a problem getting hooked up.

Hope to meet you soon!


downfortheride 04-13-2011 9:28 PM

Ya Derrick,
We have a few that lurk around the site and ride together... Nothern UT thread is the key! This Victor dude that you speak of is a kook, LOL! Naw he's a super cool dude and yes he is moving to CO is May I think... We're riding this weekend, lets do this!

imondi 04-14-2011 10:20 PM

hey man kooks have feelings too... Friday, Sat, and Sun sessions are here this weekend... might not get out of bed for work on Monday!

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